The Struggles and Successes of Microgreen Startup with Eddy Gilmore – Farm Small, Farm Smart (FSFS109)

Today’s episode is a different type of episode. It’s a consult style episode with new grower Eddy Gilmore and long-time microgreen grower Chris Thoreau.

The first part of this episode will be Eddy and I talking about what’s going on with his farm, and then later in the episode Chris will join us to answer some of Eddy’s questions about growing his microgreen business.

Eddy’s at a point in that business that you may find yourself in. He’s growing his microgreens at home in his house, but he’s running out of space and wondering where to from here.

Find out how Chris would handle and approach the business expansion.

For Eddy microgreens weren’t the first farm business from day one. They came about from necessity.

In Eddy’s words…

“We were freaking desperate over here. I have a wife and two kids, and I was all in on Tiny Farm Duluth. Less than two months ago it seemed as if all was lost. The land was being sold where the vast majority of my farm was located. It was owned by an institution, and I had no idea they were thinking of selling until just before it went on the market. Then, after it sold, I learned that the new owners weren’t open to a 7,000 square foot market garden on their property. Just two hours after I received this devastating news, our 2008 Toyota Prius blew both the engine AND transmission. Total, absolute chaos. Our lives were completely upended.”

Given that Eddy’s life was upended, how did it end up?

Listen to find out.


More on Eddy Gilmore:

Eddy at the market

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Don’t have a lot of land?

Looking to make a living farming?

Microgreens might be a great place to start…

Microgreens are high value crop that can be growing intensively in a very small space with some crops selling upwards of $50 per pound.

It’s totally possible and it is being done everyday.

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Microgreens - Fitting a lot of product into a small space.

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