The Great Work of Our Time presented at PV2 by John D Liu (PVP103)

John D Liu Permaculture Voices


John D. Liu – The Great Work of Our Time presented at PV2

We are experiencing the end of an era as a new era in human civilization is beginning. It is a time of great risk but also a time of great potential. We now know that it is possible to restore large-scale damaged ecosystems. It is possible to sequester carbon and re-regulate the hydrological system. It is possible to restore natural fertility and to remove toxicity from contaminated soils and water. We are required to do this so that future generations will live in peace and abundance. For humanity to further evolve it is necessary to transition from a society dedicated to consumption to a society dedicated to ecological function. Although sometimes obscured by the collapse of the old order this heralds a time of full employment, equality, purpose and fulfillment. This is THE GREAT WORK OF OUR TIME and we are called to understand and participate in it.

Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu


 Forest Keep Drylands Working – Short Film by John D. Liu


Rwanda: Emerging in a Changing Climate


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  1. Awesome talk by John Liu! I loved hearing him talk about his experiences and I really wished I was there in person to see him talk along with the video. No matter though because I still got a lot of inspiration out of his talk. I really resonated with the fact that humans evolved from a paradise garden and that biodiversity and abundance are nature’s true assets. Our economic model has really turned both those assets around to where we value monoculture and scarcity. Things can turn around though and we can’t wait on anyone but ourselves to do it. The only thing in life we can control is ourselves so if you want a new model, go out and create it and support it. I know that’s what I’m going to do and John inspired me to do it 🙂

    1. Post

      You’re welcome.

      His talk was mind blowing. I think that we undersell ourselves in what humans can do on the positive side of things. His work shows what’s possible.

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