The Challenges of Market Farming in Hot and Wet Texas with Brent Heironimus – Farm Small, Farm Smart (FSFS121)

If there’s one given when it comes ot starting a farm its that you will face challenges.

From pests to establishing a customer base to managing time, it’s always something. One of the big challenges is weather. It’s constantly changing and can often surprise you doing exactly what you didn’t expect – frying a bed of transplants or pummeling a crop with hail.

But it’s not always the unpredictability of the weather that’s a challenge. Sometimes it’s the knowns of the local weather that provide all that challenges that you can handle. That’s the case for my guest today farmer Brent Heironimus.

Brent’s a farmer who runs his family market farm located on 8 acres with 1 1/2 under cultivation in Southeast Texas by the town of Beaumont.

He’s farming in Zone 9A, one that a lot of northern growers might envy, but one that brings its own challenges. Because Brent just isn’t dealing with the Texas heat, he’s also dealing with rain, and a lot of it. It’s forced him to adapt and modify things he has seen on other farms for his own context.

Today you’ll hear what he’s doing and how he’s doing it.

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