Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward presented by Jack Spirko (PVP131)

Today’s episode is a replay of Jack’s presentation from PV3 in March 2016.

In that presentation he asked and explored the question, how do you take regenerative agriculture to the forward into the future, to the mainstream.

He presents an argument that’s based on the idea that you can’t drag anyone where you want them to go. You need to get them to want to get there.

Everyone might not agree on everything, and that’s OK, because as Jack says, “let the politics end, where the soil begins.”

Because we literally need both sides to do this. We need all hands on deck with everyone helping in their own way.

Hopefully this episode inspires you to do your part in what Jack explains isn’t a revolution, but instead an insurrection.

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  • “You can’t drag someone where you want to go, you have to make them want to get there.”
  • “Let politics end where the soil begins.”
  • “What bothers me most is when people say all I have done is.  Well you have done something, so keep it up.”

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Jack’s other talk from PV3, Ducks for Fun, Profit, and Land Development, is part of the broadacre PV3 video package, available HERE.

Move over chickens it is time for a new bird to take the lead.  Well, perhaps not the lead but definitely a better seat at the table.  Two years ago well-known speaker and Podcaster Jack Spirko, along with his wife Dorothy decided to step into farming for profit, and Nine Mile Farm was born.  Initially focusing on chickens for farm fresh pastured eggs and meat they also kept a small flock of ducks just for fun.  They soon stumbled into a new and growing niche, pastured local duck eggs.  

It took a bit of effort to get their customers to try duck eggs but once they did the next decision was simple, out with the chickens and ramp up the ducks.  Rather than fight with over a hundred local producers to sell chicken eggs for 5-6 dollars a dozen the couple now stays constantly sold out selling duck eggs at 8 dollars a dozen.  With about 50% of their sales going to a single high end restaurant (Ida Clair – Named to the Top Ten list of new Dallas restaurants for 2015) and their other 50% going to direct to consumer sales.  

In his talk Jack will cover how to build up a flock fast and build a customer base just as quickly.  He will also discuss importance of looking like a professional farm in web presence, social media and even a dedicated phone number in gaining customers.  Jack will be discussing the top breeds for profit, why he doesn’t even think about “meat ducks” and how to use a single specialized product such as this to build a multiple product offering, while only needing to build a customer base once.   

Additionally in this talk you will learn some of the amazing reasons farming ducks for eggs makes more sense for many small land owners then chickens.  These include, less competition, higher profits, breeds that outlay chickens, a herdable and trainable flock, greater suitability for brittle land and more.  

You can learn  more about Jack and Dorothy Spirko’s duck exploits at their website www.ninemile.farm and though their YouTube miniseries located at www.theduckchronicles.com

Key Takeaways:

  • Ducks represent and underrated niche market
  • Ducks are perfectly suited to the part time farmer
  • Ducks can help you build a customer base for other product sales
  • Ducks are soft on land when properly rotated and improve brittle land

In this presentation you will learn…

  • How to inexpensively build a customer base
  • The right breeds for profitability
  • How to easily set up rotational grazing with ducks
  • Low tech water solutions that spread fertility
  • How to get 100% of your customers to come to you
  • How to work a list if you ever have a surplus of eggs
  • Management practices that produce a superior product
  • How to make your cull ducks worth more than a so called “meat duck”

The talk is also part of the whole conference video package available HERE.



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