Starting A Small Scale Seed Business – An Additional Business Unit for A Small Scale Farm, The Founder’s Story with Daniel Brisebois

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“Figuring out what we do well, and focusing the business around that has been really vital.”Dan Brisebois

Advice from Dan..

  • If you think you can’t make money in a field. Look at how you are marketing the product or service. Because sometimes you can change your marketing and change the stereotype.
  • Realize the importance of financial forecasting and planning. Don’t expect the forecast to be accurate. But it will be very useful.
  • Less is more. Work with what you have. Do the right thinks effectively versus doing more.
  • Successful entrepreneurs know how to navigate challenges and adapt in the face of challenges.
  • “We can’t do it all alone.” Look at mutually beneficial relationships.

About Dan Brisebois

I did not grow up on a farm though my parents did have a big garden and a much bigger lawn where I learned the basics of splinters, blisters, sweat, and how to drive a lawn tractor. A B. Sc. in agricultural engineering introduced me to irrigation and Excel spreadsheets, and refined my love of defining variables and planning.

However, the transition to farmer came in 2000 when I started working on farms (mostly growing vegetables but also grain and a bit of livestock.) I worked both as an apprentice and field manager  on a range of scales from farms based around manual tools to tractors to draft horses.

In the fall of 2004, with some friends, I started Tourne-Sol cooperative farm.

Currently, I am president on the Canadian Organic Growers (COG) board of directors and on the Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers (ECOSGN) steering committee.

I also co-authored (with my co-farmer Fred Thériault) Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers.


He will be giving two in depth workshops on crop planning and running a small scale seed business.


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