Stalled, Stagnated, and Stuck. How to Start Living The Permaculture Life That You Dream Of with Javan Bernakevitch (b018)


“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”Jim Carrey


Permculture Voices Javan Bernakevitch

Javan’s talks at PV2:

Stalled, Stagnated and Stuck: How to Start designing your Ideal Lifestyle (1.5HR) 25 People Max
The Cultivated Life Design platform helps individuals create a ruthless clarity of vision through a concise, written and conscious plan for their lives. Instead of choosing a goal and making your lifestyle work around it, design your ideal lifestyle and evaluate if a goal will make your lifestyle a reality.

Zones of Brilliance zeroes in on profitable and productive niches by asking the three most important business questions:

What are my inherent natural gifts?
What am I perennially passionate about?
What pattern of problem do I see that needs solving in my community?

Just like in land design, where these three overlap, we have convergence of function, influence and application… a productive space producing a profitable place.

We’ll finish the session with how to create ten times the value of your ticket price by avoiding the 5 Big PV 2 Mistakes.

At the end of the conference, the bookend session Turning Your Inspiration Into Action: Creating a Roadmap to Success transforms your enthusiasm into a working business model you can start using the very next day.

This session won’t be a fit for everyone, but for those wanting to make rock solid decisions on where their personal “keypoints” are for life and business success this may be the session for you.

Content Takeway:

  • Overview of Cultivated Life Design Including:
    • Holistic Life Design (Based on Holistic Management Decision Making Framework and the 8 Forms of Capital)
    • Zones of Brilliance – Leveraging your Keypoints
  • The 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid at Permaculture Voices

Turning Your Inspiration Into Action: Creating a Roadmap to Success (3HR) 25 People Max
In this three-hour session we’ll use Cultivated Life Design to connect your experience at PV2, business ideas and enthusiasm to:

  1. identify a niche you naturally excel at or want to start,
  2. outline the PATHWAYS in which clients and collaborators find you, the PLATFORM you’re known for and the PACKAGE of goods and services you offer,
  3. define business success for you and
  4. make a one year back-casted plan you can actually use.

This will be a tour de force seminar on what you need to know and how you need to feel to take the hardest step of all… the very first one.

This session won’t be a fit for everyone. This is 3 hours of working on your business idea. Come prepared to get down and dirty with your business idea.

Content Takeway:

Cultivated Life Design Introduction Conclusion:

  • Zones of Brilliance – Leveraging your Keypoints
  • Model your Business
    • Pathways – How Work and Income Come to You
    • Platform – The 7 Things You Can Be Known For
    • Package – Your Offering of Goods and Services
    • Defining Success – Setting your Destination
    • Backcasting Year One – The Path Forward


You can view all of the the talk topics for PV2 here.


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Connect with Javan Bernakevitch:

Permaculture BC

Javan Bernakevitch on YouTube

You can contact Javan via javan at permaculturebc dot com

Javan’s previous podcast on Finding Your Niche: 032: How to fail better. The quest for origination, not emulation.


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  1. Diego and Javan — Thank you so much for putting yourselves “out there” for this episode. I have to say that this was one of the best things I’ve come across from a “Zone 0” perspective, and I found so much in it that resonated with me.

    Diego — Just hearing you talk about how you kind of drifted along through the early part of your adulthood, and how ultimately unfulfilling you found where those currents were taking you gave me inspiration, because it described a good part of my life so far. I regularly listen to TSP and come across many other interviews with people who have made a path for themselves both in business before discovering permaculture design, as well as integrating it as a part of their business practice. While I do find inspiration from many of those sources, at the same time it’s a double-edged sword — I cannot help but see them as driven and focused from an early stage, while I often feel like I just fell into an engineering degree and pretty good-paying job that ultimately gives me very little personal satisfaction or sense of purpose beyond earning a paycheck. It was very refreshing to hear a different take from you, and how although you may have just gone with the flow to this point, you’re actively working to change that paradigm and bring your own dream into creation.

    Javan — Thank you for sharing your story of dealing with deep, suicidal depression for a number of years. Having been through two serious depressive episodes in my life, it’s always encouraging to know that there are other people — even highly accomplished people such as yourself — who have struggled with those demons as well, that it’s not necessarily a flaw in my psyche that pushed me to that point. One thing I’ve taken away from permaculture that has helped me to deal with that tendency in myself is the concept of feedback — that when you encounter failure in something, it doesn’t mean that YOU are a failure. Rather, that it’s a signal that you need to change your approach and possibly try something different than what you’re doing. That, combined with a focus on active creation opposed to endless rumination has provided me with a toolkit to help stave off those tendencies in my personality.

    Thanks again, guys. Although logistics prohibit me from attending PV2 this year (east coast living, family/work demands, and the time required to get my own initiatives moving), these kinds of products are completely invaluable to my efforts. These podcasts have definitely served to give me the kick in the pants that I need to focus my efforts and approach my homesteading like a farming business as opposed to a hobby this year.

    1. Christopher, thanks for your comments. Feedback for me as well has been a revelation to seeing aspects as my life as warning signs or indications that I’m not where I thrive. Just as dandelions tell me calcium is lacking in the soil, my turbulent mind relates that something is amiss.

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