Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 2 (b014)



Permaculture Voices Zach Weiss 2


Key Takeaways from this presentation:

  • “It isn’t how much water you get, it is how many time that you use the water that you do get.”
  • For farmers water is your most important form of capital.
  • “The virus isn’t in the tree, it’s in your head.” Sepp Holzer
  • “Using big machines to restore the damage done by big machines while we have some resources left.”
  • “You have to look at the economic picture of any potential enterprise and weigh that accordingly.”
  • In aquaculture systems get as many connections between land and water as possible.



Connect with Zach Weiss and Holzer AgroEcology:

Perpetual Green Gardens – Zach’s Design Company

Holzer Agro Ecology

Elemental Ecosystems

You can contact Zach via.. holzeragroecology [AT] gmail [dot] com


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