Permaculture Voices 2015

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Want to be a part of the change, either on a personal or business level?


PV2 isn’t just another permaculture convergence that focuses on hyper-local DIY skill building and resiliency; we instead decided to look bigger.

We are blending the practical techniques and tactics found in workshops with the entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity of a business conference.

We have brought together a diverse group of creative and innovative doers in a variety of fields looking to share experiences, knowledge, connect, and create in ways that increase passion, purpose and profit. These doers come from a variety of fields both within and outside of permaculture. Each field has its own needs and yields. It is this edge that creates the opportunity for things to happen, and it is this opportunity that offers value to the attendees – how can you fill needs and utilize yields to create more value in your life.

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Come, Learn, Step up, Take Action, Move Forward.

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What if you could talk to someone who was years ahead of you on the path that you wanted to go down, would you benefit for talking to that person?

At PV2 you will have the opportunity to connect with those types of people.

People that have more experience doing what you want to do.

Many people, including Stefan Sobkowiak featured in the interview below, would do things differently if they started over. They have a lot of trial and error and have arrived at what works. This usually means that if they did things over, they would do things differently, and better.

If you are just starting out, then you can benefit greatly from their knowledge in terms of what they know now and what they would do differently.

You can also gain new perspectives from the people who are doing what you are doing, but just in a different way.

No two pastured poultry operations are run the same way. No form of marketing is universally applicable. See what others (attendees and speakers) are doing and see what could work for you.

Whether you are stuck or just want to explore what is out there, there is a lot of value in collaboration, in seeing new perspectives.

Come out to PV2, and see what’s happening out there and go home with new opportunities and ways to save you a lot of frustration, time, and money.

In this episode I talk to Stefan Sobkowiak about the value in getting new perspectives.


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“Order is found in things working beneficially together.” Bill Mollison

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Have you ever been around 500 people that share similar values to you?

People that generally believe what you believe – that our current paradigm is broken, and we need to change it.

People that are actively participating in being part of the change.

That’s what PV2 is and will be.

500 switched on and engaged individuals that are coming together as one to share ideas and grow, so everyone can go home and live the permaculture life that they dream of.

Taking on these journeys into a new paradigm, career, or business are inevitably hard. It get’s a lot easier when you are doing that journey with others who are on the same path.

Ask any successful person in any field and I guarantee that they will attribute a large part of their success to the positive connections in their lives – mentors, colleagues, friends. Success is built on the back of high quality relationships.

We know that so at PV2 we have created an immersive environment that will allow you share ideas, build friendships, and deeply connect with a supportive community for 5 days and 4 nights. Then you can continue these relationships outside of PV2 to make the journey easier.

Come to PV2 open minded, come in with a plan, and create connections to take what you are doing and your life to the next level.

That is why you are traveling out to San Diego.

For the experience. For the connection.

Get what you can’t get online at PV2.


In this episode I talk to Luke Callahan about the value high quality relationships.


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“It’s a beautiful time to be alive and in business right now because we have a chance to redefine the future.”

Philippe Choiniere

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Why we organized PV2 the way that we did.

At PV1 we realized that the attendees themselves were a wealth of knowledge and a diverse collection of needs and yields. Given that, we have focused on turning some of the conversation away from the stage and into the audience to create an experience for diverse participants to share ideas, discover opportunities, and create strategies and connections that enable meaningful and financially viable creations.

We want to see a massive impact on an environmental, social, and financial level, so PV2 will be heavily focused on right livelihood – making a living within the permaculture space.

Business fuels change and we believe in the power of utilizing business for positive change. Odds are you are involved in a business in some way as an employee or an owner, and given the time spent on(in) that business it has a huge effect on your life, both financially and emotionally. If you values aren’t aligned with that you do, then it isn’t sustainable.

Therefore PV2 is to help inspire change on a personal level and an organizational level in a way maximizes the triple bottom line.

We want to help people make business more sustainable and we want to help promote and grow the next generation of regenerative businesses.

If you aren’t a business owner or an employee you can still benefit by participating in this discussion because there is a lot of opportunity and needs out there. And there will be a lot of change makers at PV2 looking for help. If you want to help, then you are in the right place.

We can all be part of the change. Everyone matters. Everyone’s contribution is vital. No longer can we all stand by and be passive observers. It’s time to ask, what can we co-create together?

In this audio clip I explain why I organized the event the way that I did.


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Wondering what PV2 might be like? Let’s look at PV1..

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“you did an absolutely fabulous job! I felt a part of one large being! The minds that you brought together were incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring. I really appreciated your having the bookstore there. I hope that you will continue to bring these conferences to the world!” Jo R.

“The conference was amazing — so much learned, even from “osmosis” with many bright and committed people. I know you put a superhuman effort into organizing and the result was outstanding!” Jane H

“AWESOME JOB! That was the best conference I’ve been to.” Chris S

“I’ve probably attended 100 conferences and your design of the workshop schedule was the best one I’ve ever encountered – BRAVO! I’m still tickled pink to have been part of it 🙂 “ Steph K

“In all sincerity it was the most professionally run and valuable alternative living conference I’ve attended. Your vision and work are commendable to the point of arm breaking (from all that back patting!).” Javan B

“Your work and vision is helping to galvanize and connect this whole movement!” Frank G

“Just want to sing you praises for your great accomplishment of bringing so many (practically all) of the truly greats in our field together and in So Cal. You will forever hold a dear place in my heart and in my prayers for allowing us to participate, thank you!” Miguel U

“Again, thank you SO much for putting such an awesome event together. I have been so pumped since then and out working the property every day since.” Brian G[/text_output][gap size=”100px”]

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[/custom_headline][text_output]When will it be?

March 4 to 8, 2015. That’s Wednesday through Sunday.


Tentative Schedule:

Pre-conference sessions will take place from 8AM to 12PM on Wednesday the 4th.

The opening keynote will start around 2PM on Wednesday the 4th.

The closing keynote will end around 4PM on Sunday the 8th.

You can see a sample schedule day for PV2 HERE.


PV2 Speakers Include:

  • Maddy Harland – Keynote
  • Paul Stamets – Keynote
  • Allan Savory – Keynote
  • Marcin Jakubowski – Keynote
  • Mark Shepard
  • Kathy Voth
  • Grant Schultz
  • Toby Hemenway
  • Jean-Martin Fortier
  • Stefan Sobkowiak
  • Curtis Stone
  • Jack Spirko
  • Stephanie Jo Kent
  • Larry Santoyo
  • Colin Seis
  • Bruce Maynard
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • Rachel Gilker
  • Starhawk
  • Pandora Thomas
  • Sarita Gupta
  • Diana Leafe Christian
  • Phil Rutter

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The greatest body of knowledge at any event isn’t on stage. It is within the attendees at the event.

We realized this so we put the systems in place to allow you to connect with the other attendees.

For many PV1 attendees the value of connection came in the form of..

1. ‘Discovering I have a role to play in the spread of permaculture.’
2. ‘Getting ideas of how to do that.’
3. ‘Meeting people and connecting with them to take action.’
As an attendee said last year, “The value of Permaculture Voices to me was learning more about what I was interested in and getting questions answered by people that are actually doing what I am interested in. It helps to have someone who’s gone down the path and can give you a heads up on issues and shortcuts.”
We are actively creating an environment that fosters discussion to allow you to connect with the people that are doing what you are interested in doing so you can take the next step forward.

Mycelium is organizing all of the cross pollination, networking, and group interaction for PV2.

Mycelium are highly experienced facilitators, call them Experiential Designers. They get events, they understand ​what helps people interact and learn better, and they get permaculture. I really believe that they are some of the best people in the world when it comes to executing and delivering meaningful experiences. I have been working with them over the last few months to design the experience of PV2. ​They are joining me to talk about ​how PV2 will be ​more of an experience and ​not just a conference. We’ll explore why this part of the event is so important, yet so often get’s overlooked at other conferences.


Mycelium talks about the participatory component of PV2 in this audio clip.


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Where will it be held?

Sheraton San Diego Hotel

Last year people complained about the venue and it’s environmental footprint. We addressed that. We found a venue that has capacity while trying to mitigate its environmental footprint. The Sheraton is a ‘green’ hotel that prides itself on trying to be as sustainable as possible. For more information on their environmental practices you can visit their site.

The hotel itself is located right on San Diego Bay. This provides a picturesque setting for walks, lunch, and some talk. We are trying to incorporate the location into the event and get some of the events taking place outside, right near the water. [/text_output][gap size=”100px”][map]

[/map][gap size=”100px”][text_output]Hotel Rooms at the Sheraton

PV2 attendees can get rooms at the Sheraton for the discounted rate of $149 per night.

To book your room at the discounted rate, you can go HERE: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/PermacultureVoices2015

The group rate is available until February 6, 2014 and is subject to availability.

How do I get there?

Last year transportation from surround airports and train stations to the conference site was challenging due to the distance involved. The solution was rental cars. This year, that won’t be an issue. The conference site for PV2 is right outside downtown San Diego making the various forms of public transportation abundant and accessible. The venue is actually within walking distance from the San Diego International airport, so no rental car is needed. Everything is either walkable, or a short cab ride away. [/text_output][gap size=”100px”]

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[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h1″ style=”padding:0 33.33%”]EVENING SOCIALS

There will be two evening socials (think parties) during PV2 – one on Wednesday and one on Saturday.

Each attendee who purchases a regular priced ticket to PV2 will receive 4 complementary drink tickets.

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