Profitable Pigs for the Farmstead, Homestead or Small Farm – Grass Fed Life (GFL68)

Running a profitable pig enterprise on just 1 acre, is it possible, and if so, what is possible?

What’s that operation going to look like, what are the trade-offs and the costs, and how much could you make?

It’s an operation which could bring some nice cash flow into a homestead or diversify a farms revenue streams, and the time inputs and profits will surprise you.

Because a lot is possible on just one acre.

Notes from this episode of Grass Fed Life

  • Start with 6 to 12 pigs on an acre.
    • Could do two batches per year.
  • Depending on your climate you may want to steer clear of the winter months.
  • Darby’s total cost is around $350 to $400 per pig at 5 pigs per time.  Not including processing.
    • Sells pigs around $800/$825 per head at a wholesale level.
    • If selling retail by the cut could double their sales price selling it piece by piece.
  • On a 250lb pig likely to get around 140lb of saleable product back.
  • Processing cost is around $150 per pig.
  • 1 pig retail in terms of profit equals 80 chickens retail.
    • 1 pig wholesale equals 45 chickens retail.

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