Preparing for Winter Now – The How, Why and Cost of Hay Production – Grass Fed Life (GFL63)

If you’re raising cattle then you’re likely holding them over at least one winter.

For most of the country winter means no grass, so you’re either stock piling forage over the summer or your feeding hay. Given these two choices, the choice for most people is feeding hay.

Given that, where will your hay come from?

Is it hay you are growing and producing on farm, or are you buying it and bringing it on property?

Depending on where you live, how much land you have access to, what equipment you own, and what type of friends you might have in the community – it depends.

For Darby, he had the land and a friend with the equipment, so he decided to make his own hay on farm. It’s a move which took some acreage out of row crops and put it into perennial pasture, something which the NRCS helped Darby to pay for.

In this episode we’ll get into how much the conversion costs, what the return has been like so far, and why and how did he did it.

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