Practical Tips, Ideas and Technologies for Homescale Biochar with Gloria Flora (V235)

There are a lot of myths, promises, and not so truths out there when it comes to biochar.

Today my guest Gloria Flora will help shed some light on the reality of biochar. Gloria’s the founder and past director of the US Biochar initiative, so she has an extensive knowledge base when it comes to biochar. But that knowledge isn’t just limited to biochar, as she has also worked for the US Forest Service and she’s a permaculturalist, so she gets how biochar fits into the larger whole.

Today we will cover topics from the practical to the theoretical ranging from…

• What is biochar?
• What does biochar actually do in the soil? How/why?
• Size when added to soil.
• Inoculate prior to soil?
• Minimum effective dose per area to see results. Is more or a lot more better?
• Are all biochars created equal? Is the leftover char from a bonfire equal to biochar produced in perfect

All in it is biochar demystified.

Notes from Gloria:

Books recommended by Gloria on biochar and its role in the bigger picture:

TerraPreta: How the World’s Most Feritle Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger, by Scheub,

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Glaobal Warming, ed. Paul Hawken

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