Starting a Pastured Poultry Business. The Story of a First Time Farmer with Paul Greive (PVP008)

“I can guarantee you that not doing anything is the wrong thing to do every-time if you want to actually make a change and have a positive impact on agriculture”Paul Greive

How do you go from being a Marine in Iraq to a grass farmer raising pastured poultry in the drylands of Southern California?

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Paul Greive of Primal Pastures joins me to talk about being a grass farming entrepreneur.

He talks about how the thought of Primal Pastures went from an idea to a reality one weekend while sitting around with his in-laws.  This small step was the catalyst that helped develop Primal Pastures into a thriving beyond-sustainable meat business.  Today they are continuing to grow the farm, their community, and the soil, but this isn’t without its challenges.

Paul discusses these challenges, and successes that he encounters on a daily basis as new farmer entrepreneur.  He stresses the importance of connecting with your customer via Social Media, the advantages to starting out in the pastured poultry business, and the big advantages of leasing land over purchasing it.



Takeaways from this episode:

  • Don’t undervalue and underestimate the value of connecting with your customers.
  • Stop focusing on the why it won’t work, and go out and actually do something.
  • You can establish a profitable sustainable agriculture business with a small amount of land and a small amount of initial seed capital.
  • Learn as you go and learn from your mistakes.
  • Take advantage of direct marketing.  Sell product and take payment online and deliver to drop points.
  • Looking into leasing land instead of buying it.  It is much cheaper, so it it opens up a lot of land that was previously unattainable.  Provide utility to the land owner.


Advantages of starting up a pastured poultry business:

  • Fast turn around.  Sellable product in 8 weeks.
  • Low input costs.
  • Easy to get started, minimal infrastructure needed.
  • Low learning curve.
  • Potential for larger customer base in the beginning.
  • Quick payback period.


Actionable & inspirational quotes from this episode:

  • “Don’t sit back and talk about why things won’t work.  Just go do something”
  • “I can guarantee you that not doing anything is the wrong thing to do every-time if you want to actually make a change and have a positive impact on agriculture”


Serengeti Grazing:

  • Grow Bermuda grass in really hot climates.
  • Increase stocking ratio so grass doesn’t grow any taller than 4in.
  • Non-rotational.


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More information about Paul Greive and Primal Pastures:




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