Owning Land As Insurance Against Disaster – The Antifragile Property Series with Rob Avis – Part 1 (V222)

There’s a lot to worry about out there in the world right now – climate change, GMOs, the financial system, debt, terrorism, disease, water insecurity, a fragile food system.

I don’t think I am going out that far on a limb by saying that I think that most people listening to this are worried about at least one of these disaster scenarios.

But how worried should you actually be about any of these things?

The best answer is probably no one knows. Given that, and depending on your level of worry, it’s worth protecting yourself in case disaster strikes.

What if you could insure yourself against some of these worries?

And get that insurance through land, land as insurance..

If you think about how insurance works as a financial instrument it works like this…

You pay a premium on an insurance policy to a company that manages that money for you. Typically the premium is very small relative to the total payout of the policy, whereby the total payout comes back to you when disaster strikes – car crash, death, theft, natural disaster. It’s a system that runs 100% within the financial system. Money in, money to maintain it, and money out. In and of itself it’s a fragile system, because inherently the value of money can change through things like inflation. And in many ways it’s a system that is propped up because the rate of payout is so low relative to the rate of pay in, again making it fragile in the event of a large financial collapse.

It’s a fragile system that helps people sleep easy at night. It’s a system that is out of our hands. A company manages the insurance money, in an unpredictable system, with the value of that money being determined by people who aren’t us.

But it’s what we have. And if you are worried about any of these disasters that I spoke about earlier, it’s really only way to insure against them.

Or is it?

What if you could insure yourself against some of these worries?

And get that insurance through land, land as insurance..

It would be a way to take insurance back into our control and put the fragile dollars into an anti-fragile system – an ecosystem.

Today Rob Avis of Adaptive Habitat and I will be discussing the idea of owning land as insurance against disaster in depth.

We’ll get into models that don’t exist yet, and ways that anyone can start to create some anti-fragility in their life now, regardless of where you live and whether you have land or not.

I guarantee, this one will get your wheels turning.

The Antifragile Property Series with Rob Avis – Part 1


Notes from the conversation with Rob:

  • Land as insurance: creates anti-fragility against other risk factors that we can identify – water, energy, good.  How can we create the same benefits as an insurancy policy, but use enduring assets that will still hold value with global anti-fragile systems.
    • Protecting the downside while giving potential upside opportunities.
  • “How can I create a solution so I never have to worry about this again.”
  • “Worry is a waste of energy.”
    • You only have a limited amount of time on this earth, and a certain percentage of that time should be spent ensuring the future, the rest of the time should be spent living in the moment.

Connect with Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture and Adaptive Habitat:

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