Overcoming Challenges and Creating Success Farming on the Side with Charles Mayfield – Grassfed Life (GFL74)

No one said starting a farm based business was easy.

Charles Mayfield, my guest today, has faced a variety of challenge in his first year farming.

  • Finding solid processors for livestock
  • Very few options for Value Added products
  • Accounting and money handling all done by hand
  • Infrastructure- will need corral and livestock trailer at some point
  • Figuring out the water hauling situation

On top of it all that he started farming in a drought and last December a tornado came through their area leaving a path of destruction.

Charles has faced all of the challenges head on, and he’s done it while raising two young kids with his wife, and working a fulltime job.

Today we will take a look at how he’s doing it, managing to balance life and business and the fulltime job with the part time job.

Charles is a great example of what you can do, when it doesn’t seem like you have any time to do… Overcoming Challenges and Creating Success Farming on the Side with Charles Mayfield.

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  1. Hi Diego, can’t find an answer to this. How does one catch chickens from a Salatin style tractor? My 10 year old son insists on growing and will soon be too big to go in there to catch them. Do you know what Charles does?



    1. Post

      I know the way John McAuley does it is at night. He moves the chicken tractor off the birds at night and gather them then. Since it is night they don’t go crazy running around. Otherwise, it’s getting in there and crawling.

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