Overcome: Battling Cancer While Starting a Farm with Lou Roman – Grassfed Life (GFL75)

The overarching goal for this show is to highlight farming methodologies, approaches, and techinques to help you live the life that you want to live.

Maybe it’s career transition, maybe it’s changing the food system, maybe it’s creating a better life for your family, regardless, farming is the tool to help you achieve that life goal.

Helping people take control of their lives and maximize their time here on this planet is one of hte primary movtivations for me to podcast.

I know how quick it can change.

How quick life can go from one where everything is fine, to one where everything isn’t fine, and life can be taken from you.

So does my guest today.

Over the past few years farm Lou Roman watched his mom pass away from cancer, only to then be diagnosed with cancer himself.

With two cancer diagnoses within a year and a half, Lou knows first hand how special our time here is.

Using his post diagnosis time time Lou set out to try something he had wanted to do for a while, farming.  While there were struggles with that, as he will discuss, he went for it and he tried.

Today’s episode is Lou’s story, an interplay between life, our goals, and using our time here on the planet to maximize both.



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