Inside the Organic Inspection Process with Organic Inspector Laura Murray – Farm Small, Farm Smart (FSFS103)

What’s the organic inspection process really like? It’s probably a big hassle, right?

Let’s find out straight from the source, in this episode with independent organic inspector Laura Murray

Last episode with Scott Murray covered the topic of why organic and what goes into getting certified. Today’s episode builds on that episode and we go a rung higher on the ladder taking on questions such as:

  • Once the inspector shows up on your property the first time, how does that process unfold?
  • What should you have in order when you have the inspector show up?
  • Explain the annual inspection process?
  • Would a property ever be inspected more than once a year?

To answer these I am going straight to the source to talk to someone who deals with this every day. I’ll be talking with independent organic inspector Laura Murray. Laura does organic inspections of all over the country for organic certifiers. Her inspections span all types of farms and all types of organic product production facilities. She’s seem a lot over the years, and today she shares what the inspection process is really like both for the initial inspection and annual inspections.

If you were thinking about getting certified by the inspection process made you a little uneasy, maybe that will change after you hear what it’s really like.

Learn more about organic certification:

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  1. Thank you so so much for doing this interview! I have my inspection on Wednesday and this really helped me 🌻

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