Improving the Business and Marketing of Small Farms from A City Dweller’s Point of View with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch (VOC232)

With more than 50% of the world’s population living in cities, more food that ever is being raised outside of cities and trucked into cities.

The food isn’t being grown where the people are, and where the food is begin grown, there isn’t a lot of people.

This creates a bit of a divide between two groups whose survival depends on the other group. The people in the city need the food and the people in the country need the urban markets to sell product into.

Today we’ll look at this divide from the point of view of the city dweller, focusing on what and how the city dweller views and values the food they consume.

The goal of this conversation is to shed some light on this view, so the farmer can take that information and run with it helping them to better market their product.

It’s marketing 101. Who’s your audience and what do they value with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch.

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