Homestead Sheep with Dan Ohmann of the Grassfed Homestead (GFL80)

Dan Ohmann is a homesteader who has recently started raising lamb on a homestead level, while dabbling in selling some of the finished product off farm to see what is possible.

At this stage he has went through all the step and consideration of starting the business enterprise and is currently in his second season raising grass-fed lamb on a homestead/farmstead scale. He has treated it like a business from day one, measuring all the inputs and costs as well as the yields which he will share today.

Dan’s in a very real and unique place that you haven’t heard much of on this show before – the practical experimental stage in between homestead and business. While his primary goal is to raise high quality meat for his family, he is also exploring, actively, how he can stack a business onto that goal.

In this episode you will hear a lot of the realistic pro’s and a con’s for doing both and how Dan is overcoming some challenges given his geographic location. I think his position is one where a lot of you might find yourself – should I do this for us or should I scale it. As you will hear the answers aren’t always as straightforward and easy as you might want them to be, and there will be a lot of tradeoffs and sacrifices along the way. Not ideal, but again 100% real.

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