Homestead and Farm Resiliency and Regeneration – 10 Years In A Cold Climate, Principles in Practice – Presented by Ben Falk (b021)

“Natural is not always optimal.” Ben Falk

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Homestead and Farm Resiliency and Regeneration – 10 Years In A Cold Climate, Principles in Practice

 The webinar was recorded on August 10, 2013.

Swale Vermont (and everywhere)


Tropical Storm Irene at the Whole Systems Research Farm


Hurricane Irene and Swales at the Whole Systems Research Farm


Ben Falk Overviews Swales at the Whole Systems Research Farm

Ben Falk: The Resilient Farm and Homestead

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The Resilient Farm and Homestead is a handbook for developing regenerative human habitat systems adaptive to drought, flooding, heat, power outage, price spikes, pest pressure, and the multitude of challenges brought by climate change, peak oil, food system contamination and economic decline. The book also details leading-edge strategies for regenerating soil, water systems and human health through the design and operations of the homestead and farm.

“Ben Falk calls his book about reviving a wornout hill farm in Vermont an example of resilience and regeneration; I call it pure natural magic. Grow rice in New England? Yes. Heat water to 155 degrees F on cold winter days at a rate of gallon a minute by piping it through a compost pile? Yes. How about dinner tonight of your own rack of lamb garnished with homegrown mushrooms? Yes. Your choice of scores of different vegetables and fruits even in winter? Yes. Plus, your own dairy products from your own sheep. All the while, the soil producing this magic, on a site once thought little more than a wasteland, grows yearly more fertile and secure from natural calamity.” – Gene Logsdon

The book covers the groundbreaking systems Ben Falk, M.A.L.D. and his team have established at the Whole Systems Design research farm over the past decade. The book includes detailed information on earthworks, water systems, rice paddies (likely the first on the planet in such a cold climate), livestock, species composition, site design and management, fuelwood production and processing, human health-soil enhancement strategies, topsoil production and remineralization, nuts, perennial food and medicine crops, and high performance buildings.

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  1. “I want a sheep that’s the size of a duck, will eat woody material and poop fertilizer” I’m still chuckling about that. If he finds one, I’d like one too, for our orchard…

  2. Peach is quite medicinal. Good for stomach ills especially with people that are hot in nature. Matthew Wood uses for celiac patients. Great for pregnant women who respond poorly to ginger or pepermint.

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