From Lawn to Productive & Profitable Mini-Farm – Presented by Curtis Stone (b015)



Permaculture Voices Curtis Stone

 In this presentation Curtis will walk you through the process in which a 2100 square foot lawn can be converted to a productive mini farm. He’ll discuss the technical process of conversion, and the economics of production. This talk will be useful for anyone who is curious about how much food can be harvested from an average lawn space or anyone who is interested in commercial urban farming. Curtis will demonstrate that your average lawn can be a considerable source of revenue, generating $18,000, or a significant source of food for the community.

Key Takeaways from this presentation:

  • “Just get started.”
  • Don’t fight uphill battles.  Take the easier routes and go the path of least resistance.
  • Try starting with 5000 sq. ft.
  • Making $100 per bed (30″ by 25′) is a good benchmark.


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Green City Acres

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Profitable Urban Farming – February 7 & 8 – Long Beach, CA

Urban Farming Workshop Flyer LBC

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