Designing the Pathway to Regeneration, and Why We can’t Do That, The Founder’s Story with Gregory Landau

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“If you are already hand to mouth existence and you have to reduce yields to do something, it will never work.”Gregory Landau

Advice from Gregory..

  • Regeneration is the living whole systems awareness of the decision makers.
    • Then creating businesses and connections that stem from that awareness.
  • When moving towards regeneration you need to grow awareness over time.  It’s essential.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  
  • We can’t design the entire pathway to regeneration.  Instead all members need to be engaged to invoke regeneration as the direction they are moving towards.
  • Key pathway towards going more regenerative is market differentiation.  It could be flavor and/or telling the story.
  • If you can make a link between quality and price, then people will start to change.  
    • “If you are already hand to mouth existence and you have to reduce yields to do something, it will never work.”
    • How to overcome that:
      • Add extra income.
      • Not substantially reduce yields right away.
      • The just making it can’t do it.  Can’t give up yield.  Little to no wiggle room.
        • Look for opportunities to earn more income.
  • Look at the wine world and what they value.  Can we bring that into our agriculture?
  • Story telling is critical.
    • Be passionately engaged with the project.
  • Be transparent and authentic.  Tell people where you actually are, not just where you want to be.  
    • Things are as good as we want to be yet.  But it’s the only way to do it.  But we have a direction.
    • Let consumers know all the ways that we are working to make it better and how they can help.

About Gregory Landau

Gregory Landua has studied marine and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary biology in the Galapagos Islands, translated for Amazonian rainforest guides, fought wildfires in the wilderness of Alaska, lived in established ecovillages, founded a successful work-live cooperative, studied the nuances of ecology and ethics, and founded a direct-trade chocolate business to help reforest tropical Latin America through regenerative trading relationships.

Gregory has B.S. in Environmental Science and Ethics from Oregon State University, and M.S. in Regenerative Entrepreneurship and Design from Gaia University.  Gregory’s current work focuses on regenerative supply-chain development for tropical ingredients.  His work with large companies to create sourcing structures and partnership opportunities with highly functioning permaculture projects bridges deep understanding of ecological agriculture, business, and political dynamics to create functioning relationships.

Gregory is the co-author of the ground-breaking book Regenerative Enterprise.  Growing out of practical experience creating business models that regenerate ecological systems, create sustainable livelihoods and build community resilience, Regenerative Enterprise has become a core part of the work that Gregory and the Terra Genesis International team are engaged with in the world.  

Gregory embraces the practical aspects of regenerative ecological design as a tropical permaculture farm owner, member of local and multi-local intentional communities and seasoned permaculture designer.  Gregory’s recent areas of work have focused on the regenerative redevelopment of a 300-acre sand quarry in Barbados as well as all aspects of the regenerative production, transport and consumption of high-quality cacao.


He will be part of the Terra Genesis team giving three presentations on regenerative business.


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