Decisions are Destiny – An Indepth Look at the idea of the Holistic Context with Javan Bernakevitch

Today we will try to break down the holistic context into bites that are more digestible and present it in a way that might be easier for some people to understand.

This is a tough subject to take on, and I think even Allan Savory would admit that, even stating in his book “the concept of holistic goal develop slowing winding its way through many wrong turns and dark passages. It would prove to be more difficult to articulate than any other aspect of Holistic Management and it continues to evolve to this day.”

Kudos to Allan Savory for coming up with this framework, it’s his shoulders that we are standing on during this episode.

Let’s get into it and try to deconstruct the holistic context, with my co-host Javan Bernakevitch…

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Notes from the conversation with Javan Bernakevitch

  • “The Holistic [Context] is the “magnetic north” toward which all decisions and actions are made.” Holistic Management International

  • Decisions are destiny.  If we can make better decisions then we can shape our destiny that is more inline with the vision of our ideal life.
  • Sometimes achievement of goals comes at the sacrifice of the quality of life.
    • Achieving goals can leave a bit of postpardum – what next?
    • If you align to a goal, your self-worth is tied to the goal, and if it isn’t hit then your self worth is destroyed.
  • Holistic Life Context:
    • We focus on the specific quality of life that we want, then all of the goals, decisions, and actions are tested against their potentially ability to bring that quality of life to fruition.
    • Aligned with what you really want life to be, not what you want to have.
  • When you start thinking about a goal that you want to start towards… start thinking about what is the why behind that…
    • Helps prevent you from doing X for X sake versus doing X because it will help get you want you truly want.
    • Start by determining the WHY at the core.
  • If you do not design your life, someone else will design it for you, and it is for their benefit, not yours.
  • Start by defining your WHY.
  • You need to be able to call yourself on your own bullshit, and/or f ind someone who can call you on your work and call bullshit.
  • You need to track your decisions – are they adding to life and the way that you want to live, or are they detracting from it.
    • Then adjust accordingly.
  • Can use holistic context as a pre-mortem.  Is this a go or not, where are the weak links, the gaps?
  • Whole Under Management – Think the project under management.
    • Taking inventory of everything involved.
    • Who are the decision makers – primary, secondary?
    • What are the forms of capital that you have available to you?
  • Developing a…
    • statement of purpose – forming hte specific purpose of the project.  Holistic context needs to address what the purpose is.
      • Say it out loud 3 times and then ask – what feels right, what feels weird, what feels missing.  If you know that it isn’t right, then fix it.  Call bullshit on yourself.
      • the main thesis – the magnetic north
    • quality of life statement – what makes a good quality of life for you and includes economic well being, human relationships, personal growth, contributions to others.
      • Formed in the present tense.
    • forms of production – all of the things that you need to do to make sure that the quality of life statement comes to pass.
      • How to, but don’t need to be quantifiable.  No decisions and no actions in here.
    • future resource base – what will need to be many years in the future in order to sustain the forms of production.
      • What are the elements that will be true if everything else is true in the future.
  • How to use this information?
    • Will this action bring me closer to my holistic context?
    • Is my future resource base going to come true because of this?
  • Every decision is wrong until proven right?
    • If yes, do.
    • If no…
      • Learn more
      • Discard
      • Go ahead anyway and deal with the consequences


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