Dealing with the Practical Realities of Modern Day Homesteading with Chris and Lindsay Hodge of Haven Homestead (V233)

There’s something about homesteading that just attracts people; living on the land, off the land, building your own house, raising your own food people love the idea of homesteading.

They dream about it and fantasize about the idea of doing it. But typically this dreaming only focuses on the hard skills that go along with homesteading – gardening, raising livestock, wood craft, bee keeping etc.

That’s all well and good, but the problem is that’s only one part of homesteading, and really that’s easy part.

The hard part of homesteading is making life work with homesteading. Think generating a sustainable income source, saving for the future and managing the homestead with kids.

Those are the practical realities that often get overshadowed by the fun things you can do on a homestead.

Today we’ll leave the fun things behind to talk about the practical realities of homesteading with a couple doing it, husband and wife, Chris and Lindsay Hodge.

In 2013 they transitioned from 1500 square foot house in a neighborhood in Idaho to 4.5 acres vacant land homestead in Washington. They did it with 2 kids, and they did it living in a camper.

Despite what might seem like a challenging set of circumstances they have made it work and have enjoyed the journey along the way.

Let’s jump right into the conversation with Chris and Lindsay to find out how they made it work, and why it’s worked so well.

Connect with Chris and Lindsay Hodge:

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