Buying, Growing, and Improving a Microgreens Business with Max Beecher and Chris Thoreau – Farm Small, Farm Smart (FSFS111)

Today we are going to back Ojai California to talk again with farmer Max Beecher to talk to him about his microgreens business and the importance of that business to his overall farming operation.

In Max’s words,

“Micro greens have been at the center of the business almost from the beginning, and provided the ability to start farming from a tiny downtown rented duplex, and start making cash immediately. They got us into farmers markets and restaurant accounts. We grow them on a strict schedule, and can always count on them being available, even when field crops aren’t doing so well. Although we are still definitely in the experimentation stage, and don’t actually know what the farm focus will be 5 years from now, I know micro greens will always be an essential part of what we do on the farm. They are just too profitable, dependable and popular to leave out of the mix! Not to mention a great source of organic material for the field from used growing medium.”

It’s a business which Max initially purchased and one that he continues to improve. The improvement continues today, because in this episode we’re joined by Max’s teacher and mentor Chris Thoreau. About a third of the way into the conversation Chris will join in to give his insight into Max’s operation and answer some of the questions that Max has.

It’s part consult, part talking shop.

More on Max Beecher:

  • “Sometimes saying NO is the best thing for your business.
  • Microgreens provided a gateway into farmers markets he otherwise wouldn’t’ have gotten into.  
  • The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman

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