Build A Sustainable & Profitable Education Business – Rancho Mastatal, A Model For Success with Scott Gallant (PVP108)

“Constantly re-evaluate what you are doing based off of where you want to go.” Scott Gallant

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Bits of Wisdom:

  • Their original mission was to bring down groups of students form the states and use that as a financial base to support the local economy and provide local employment and provide the quality of life that they were after.
  • Being in the education center business is really being in the hospitality business.
  • What resources bring you in the most revenue?  Focus your efforts there.
  • “There is no way that we can tackle the world of tropical agriculture before we get our infrastructure in place because that is how we make our money.”
  • Walk before you run.  People want to do everything early on.  Think about how you are going to sustain your business and focus on that first.  Use your precious resources of time and energy on those areas.
  • Understand why you are bringing in outside labor.  Volunteer labor can be more work training those people than their return is worth.
  • “Constantly re-evaluate what you are doing based off of where you want to go.”
  • Is money going offsite to produce something that you could theoretically produce on site?


Engaged education at Rancho Mastatal.

Engaged education at Rancho Mastatal.


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