Battling Cancer with Gerson Therapy – A Survivors Story with Marianne West (V240)

Marianne West is a cancer survivor who in the unique position of both going through traditional chemotherapy and the alternative cancer treatment The Gerson Therapy.

Today Marianne and I discuss what her experience was like going through the Gerson Therapy and what her thoughts on it are. Despite my early introduction into this space via this subject matter I tried to approach this episode as neutral as possible and not going in with any assumptions of what was true or not true. As you listen to it, do the same, form your own opinions.

The views expressed here are Marianne’s based on her actual real life experiences. I hope it helps.

Disclaimer: Neither Marianne nor I are medical professionals and everything that we talk about in this episode is our opinion based on our experience.  No claims are being made with regards to results. Use this information as a starting point, but please do your own research and consult with a medical professional before starting any course of action.

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