Activist to Entrepreneur with Permaculture Magazine North America Co-Founder Hannah Eckberg (PVP130)

Today I am talking to someone who tried to change the world at a young age, when her world was changed right underneath her.

The her is Hannah Eckberg. She’s an entrepreneur and one of the founders of the new Permaculture Magazine North America. And like some of the other entrepreneurs that I’ve had on the show, think Erik Ohlsen, she as entrepreneur, whose past was heavily shaped as activist.

Hannah was essentially born into an activist role. It’s almost as though activism chose her, versus her choosing it. Because at an early age an oil and gas pipeline was constructed through the ranch where her family lived. A pipeline that carried toxic chemicals. And it was dropped on them.

At young age she got to see firsthand the fight between David and Goliath. The big corporate interest versus the small landowners. Her parents opposed the pipeline, It wasn’t something that they wanted, but that didn’t matter at the end of the day because the pipeline went in.

That experience would shape Hannah’s future as from learning to read at city council meetings where her parents opposed the pipeline to becoming president of the oldest grassroots environmental organization in the country, Get Oil Out, at age 19. She’s been an activist for most of her life getting behind several causes. And she has learned a lot along the way.

Today we will be talking about what she has learned. Not just related to the field of activism, but also to how her experiences have translated to business, because she recently took on a new business venture as one of the founders of the new Permaculture Magazine North America.

In this episode we get into a lot. We cover her experience being an activist, so you can be a better activist, if that’s your thing. And we get into some of the takeaways form her career as an activist and how that’s helped her as an entrepreneur.

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