Who is D I E G O?

I am the founder of Permaculture Voices where my goal is to go out and motivate and inspire people to push the limits, do great work, and live the life that they want to live through permaculture and agriculture.

I am a dad, gardener, podcaster, beach walker, and still sad that they stopped the TV show The Wire, but glad that The Walking Dead is here.   The best recent movie to suck me in is Interstellar, it’s great.

I used to like craft beer, and pretty much only IPAs, but I no longer drink, and stopping was one of the best moves I have ever made.

I listen to everything from dubstep to 90’s alternative rock and rap (I grew up in the 90’s).  Yes I like Marilyn Manson and Wu-Tang.  Spotify has made life so easy and enjoyable, thanks for creating that.

I wish I could rap like Biggie Smalls and eat curry (Indian or Thai) on a daily basis.

I use an Android phone, not an iPhone and I am proud of that.

I grew up in Rochester, NY playing in the snow and eating garbage plates, but now I live in SoCal where I can wear shorts all year round and I consider anything under 55 degrees cold.

Prior to all of the Permaculture Voices stuff I studied Mining Engineering getting my bachelors degree at Virginia Tech.  I also have a Masters in Finance from SDSU.  The corporate portion of my work career involved working in underground salt mine, various above ground sand and gravel operations, for an aerospace company, and most recently working for an international finance company which specialized in public and private investments in the natural resource sector. 

I grew disenchanted with the corporate scene and along the way I founded the Permaculture Voices to try to change the world in my own way. Using the conference and podcast I share the inspirational stories of amazing people doing great work within the regenerative agriculture and permaculture space. It is through this information exchange that I seek to inspire people to go out and be the change that they want to see in the world.

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In the world of regenerative agriculture I like to geek out on soil building, food forestry, nitrogen fixing plant species, and perennial crops.

If I could only read one book forever it would be Tree Crops, A Permanent Agriculture by J. Russell Smith. I like the second edition published in 1953 over the first.

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Joel Salatin Permaculture

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I am really motivated and inspired by people like Joel Salatin, Toby Hemenway, Mark Shepard, and The Man Who Planted Trees, to go out and push the accepted limits of the norm so I have set out to create a food forest and market garden in the arid climate of North County San Diego – no easy task given how much rain we have had lately.

With trees in hand and my wife and two daughters at my side I am planting out a future forest for my chickens and converting my suburban property into a functioning homestead using skills from my engineering background combined with permaculture principles to push the limits on how much you can sustainably get from a ¾ acre lot. 

That means planting a lot of different species to establish genetics that thrive locally and create a lot of biomass in the process (I plant a lot of black locust).  The ultimate goal is produce a lot of food in a perennial based system, so maybe one day my daughters can eat off of the same trees that they planted with their dad many years ago. 

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My favorite podcast that I have done, and the one that had the biggest impact on me is the one with Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures: 028: Industrial Farmer to Beyond Organic Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures.

I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of my work which you can listen to HERE.

And if you really like it you can support it HERE.

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