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Grass Fed Life

So far this season we have spent a lot of time talking about pastured poultry, covering the ins and outs of pastured poultry operations, and why one might be a good fit for you and your farm.

Today we are still talking about pastured poultry, but we will look at it from a different viewpoint… the viewpoint of why pastured poultry might not be a good fit for your and your operation.

We will explore that view by looking at eight negatives associated with pastured poultry and how you might be able to overcome those negatives…

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8 Reasons Why You Might NOT Want to Start a Pastured Poultry Enterprise

  • Low profit per bird.
    • ~$10 profit per bird.  
    • Have to move a lot of quantity to make some serious money. 
      • It’s a volume game, so you either need a big market or a bunch of market streams.
      • Need to be an aggressive and creative marketer. 
  • You are limited in how much you can scale.
    • As a small producer you can only scale so much before you become too big.  Then you need to get to the larger producer size to scale further and take advantages of economies of scale
    • Small scale relies on niche markets and face to face sales, mid size farms can’t rely just on these markets, and yet too small to survive on slim margins of large scale.
  • Dependent upon outside grain suppliers.
    • You can’t control a big input costs.
  • Cornish crosses can’t be breed out on farm. You are dependent upon an outside supplier.
  • Higher level of daily work required versus pigs and cows.
  • Market used to cheap chicken and not paying for ‘premium’ chicken.
  • Feed conversion ratio of 1.80.
    • Better than pigs, but poultry loses to cows who eat grass which doesn’t cost anything.
  • Less optionality with the finished cuts compared to beef and pork.

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