5 Farmers Talk About Their Experiences Raising Pastured Poultry on Small Acreage – Grassfed Life (GFL71)

In this episode I will be talking to 5 farmers who are fairly new to raising pastured poultry.  We’ll find out what their initial experience has been like – what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong.

None of my guests started out as farmers, and each is coming at pastured poultry from a different place, a different part of the country, and a different context.

Despite those differences, there are a lot of similarities in their stories.

One of those similarities is their land size, they are all raising these birds on less than a few acres.

If you were on the fence about raising pastured poultry, then today might help push you over that fence one way or the other because you are going to hear what raising pastured poultry is really like.

Guests in This Episode

Mary Ann Adams, farming on the side in Ridgeway, South Carolina.
Jason of Sew the Land homestead in Western North Carolina


Tim with Blue Goose Farms in Surprise Arizona
Ed Cory of Coriander Fields in Edwardville, Illinois
Josh Ball of the Ball Family Farmstead

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  1. Pretty informative episode, would have liked to hear more from people making a real living off of it vs. the more homesteader model. If it wasnt for pastured poultry, my wife and I wouldnt be farming. We only raise under 1000 birds here in CT, process all on farm and it is a large portion of our income. Thanks Diego, keep up the great work!

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