10 Base Principles For Successfully Growing High Quality Microgreens (FSFS89)


Today I’m going up to Vancouver to talk to Microgreen Farmer Chris Thoreau with the goal of focusing in on 10 base principles for growing high quality microgreens.

Think 10 things that are critical to growing a good crop regardless of where you are growing them, when you are growing them or how you are growing them.

These base principles help ensure that you get a successful crop that is free of disease and of high quality.

It’s not enough just to go through a successful process without knowing why you are doing what at different parts of the process.

Because if you don’t know, and a variable changes, you need to be able to know how to react and adapt.

While everyone’s process is likely different based on the crop that they are trying to grow, today’s show it’s all about what’s the same, the base principles.

10 Base Principles For Successfully Growing High Quality Microgreens

  1. Start with clean, sanitized trays.
  2. Buy quality seeds.
  3. Pre-treat seeds as needed – soak, sterilize…
  4. Create the right soil mix for your growing conditions.
  5. Start with the correct soil moisture.
  6. Seed each type of seed at the correct density.
  7. Cover the seeds and try for the correct amount of time.
  8. Water consistently while growing.
  9. Have the correct environment for growing.
  10. Harvest at the correct time given how you want to sell your finished product.

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