When You are Almost Ready to Burnout, The Offseason Arrives – Grass Fed Life – Episode 36

Grass Fed Life

Farming is one of those careers that are more than a career. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle in every sense of the world.

Because for a big part of the year your life will be the farm.

Extreme work hours and murderous weeks are pretty much universally synonymous with farming.

During parts of the season it’s not uncommon to work 12, 15, or 18 hour days, putting in those types of days back to back.

The work becomes everything during those periods and it is a long, long cycle of do this then this then this then this, then when you are tired and cranky, do more, and more.

It’s those periods of the farm season that put you to the max and test your commitment to this lifestyle.

Fortunately those periods are just that, periods or snapshots in time. They are temporary.

They are hell weeks, not hell moths or hell years. And if you can push through those hard times you are rewarded later on in the year by the exact opposite. Call them heaven weeks where the workload is extremely minimal and many tasks and projects are now optional, not required. It’s the off-season.

For Darby, that off-season begins with the arrival of Thanksgiving.

And that’s where we pick up today’s show…

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