Thinking About Starting a Farm – Start Here First – Grass Fed Life – Episode 35

Grass Fed Life

If you are thinking about transitioning from a career in one field to a career as a part-time or full-time farming, you need to be careful in this stage. The obvious reality is that you get infinitely many chances to make a business work, but the not-so-obvious reality is that everyone gets infinite changes, and most people will only use one.

Their shot misses, it doesn’t work, and it’s over. They never get back up for whatever reasons – emotional, family, financial, emotional.

The goal of this episode is to help you become resilient enough not to blow yourself up taking those shots by taking some time on the front end to think through it and plan.

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Do you want to transition into livestock farming on a part-time or full-time basis? 

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Or are you currently farming, but you are struggling to make the enterprise profitable or generate enough on farm income to farm full time?

The Farm Business Essentials Intensive was created to help addresses those concerns and challenges.

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  1. Interested to hear an episode on the development of actual pasture. Say I had 4 acres that had been in pine trees that currently does not have a blade of grass on it. How would I start to develop that 4 acres to pasture poultry and work into a couple cows eventually? Do I rely on the seed bank or do I go in and plant grass/legumes? Just really interested to hear an episode on the actual pasture. Thank you for this series of podcast has been inspirational and informative.

    Also what was the initial $500 used to purchase for the first 50 broilers.

    1. Post

      We did two episodes on pasture in the recent past. The long short of it is, you are probably better seeding out the pasture versus relying on the native seedbank. It all comes down to how fast you want to move the system ahead and how much you want to spend. When you look at the cost of seed I think you can justify the cost pretty easily.

      The $500 was basically the chicks, some basic infrastructure and feed. This is also covered in an earlier episode.

  2. Good morning. I have recently started to listening to podcasts and yours is one of them. I am also looking real hard at getting a couple spots for the workshop in March. My wife and I have bee talking about getting our farm since we met. We made plans that evolved over the last 20 years later, we are at the per-approval phase with the bank for an apple orchard. It is 52 acres and is a turn-key system. I use that as the major selling point, it comes fully equipped with a stable customer base. Needless to say, I am very excited about the opportunity to take over this farm. My wife has been very nervous about the venture but that is because it is the largest purchase we have ever thought of. She has planned it for years, but knowing it is so close she has become nervous. I have been the rock and telling her that we can make it work.
    This podcast made me start to rethink all my decisions to get to this point. I actually had to listen to it twice to ensure I got all I could out of it. Out of all your advise, the bit about finances was/is the scariest bit. I am a retired vet and finally got myself out of debt but have no capital to start. My wife and I grew up on farms, she has a agricultural degree, I am getting one in entrepreneurship, we live on a small farm with a .25 acre garden and the extended family is minutes away to work and practice on their farm. Even with the doubts, I still feel like we are finally at the point of starting this and your advise reminded me to double check everything we are planning. Thank you for that. It reaffirmed that we are ready to give it a try.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Post

      Thanks for sharing your story Randy. Really glad to hear that the show has helped. Have fun with it all. And maybe see you in March.

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