Starting a Successful Farm on the Road with Wilson Marsh of Whole Earth Farm – Grass Fed Life – Episode 42x

Today will be the first episode that steps away from Darby’s farm, and takes a look at another farmer’s story and what they are doing.

We’ll be going down to South Texas to talk to Wilson Marsh of Whole Earth Farm.

While Wilson and his wife Kayla now seek to raising livestock humanely and go beyond organic, it wasn’t always that way when it came to farming with Wilson. Because he grew up on a conventional farm with a family that farmed thousands of acres with chemicals.

It was a lifestyle that he hated as a kid, and it thought that he would ever come full circle back to farming as adult which he did, but in a very different way than his family did.

Because in the interim he found out about permaculture and regenerative agriculture and it was something that resonated with him. And the more he learned, the more he wanted to do, but initially there was one problem. He didn’t have any land.

So he started on his families land developing his own pastured livestock enterprise on the side while working on the family farm during the day. While conventional agriculture wasn’t something that he believed in, it was a means to an end, and end that we’ll talk about today.

Starting a Successful Farm on the Road – How Wilson Marsh of Whole Earth Farm built a customer base in a town of just 1700 people.

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