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  1. Maria

    Hi Diego,
    Hope you’ve recovered from the great stress of PV1. I’m planning an event to share the great ideas and inspiration from the conference with some friends here on Cortes island and hoped to download the speakers bios. The page seems to be gone though. Can you send it to me or is it available on a link somewhere?
    Thanks for all the hard work and sustaining the vision to get this to happen.

    Maria McKenty

    1. Jane Ferguson

      Hi Maria, This is Jane from Paul Stamets meet in Cortes Island. I was overjoyed when me met again at the PV1 in Temecula but I lost touch with you because so much was going on all the time there. I do have the complete list of the speakers if you wish me to email you. lost your e-address.

      I’m going to send Diego a request to include Paul Stamets in his next year’s PV2. Paul does lots to improve this earth of ours using mushrooms in his research. I’m back in beautiful Bowen Island. I’m hoping to renovate my cabin in the woods. Check out Tiny House (Google or Facebook) I’m on Facebook, too. Met all VIPs in Permaculture when I was in Tasmania and South Australia (PDC with David Holmgren!) Jane

  2. Maria

    Hi Jane
    Having Paul Stamets there next year is a great idea! I found the speakers list, thanks. Good luck on your renos, maybe see you on cortes this summer! my email is mk with my last name at lycos. Cheers

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