Raising 100% Grassfed and Certified Organic Lamb with Kinley Coulter of Coulter Farms (GFL53x)

Today’s episode is the first of three straight episodes focusing solely on raising lamb.

For this episode we are going to go to rural Pennsylvania to talk to livestock farmer Kinley Coulter of Coulter Farms.

Like many of you, Kinley didn’t come from a farming background, and he started farming without any previous farming experience.

He was working as an engineer in the 90s, then his wife had kids and they started a family. At that point they realized that they needed to change things in life, because their first priority was now raising kids.

With that in mind they bought a farm in Pennsylvania, and Kinley started his farming journey.

From the beginning the focus of their farm has been 100% grassfed and organic. They have raised lambs on pastured for over 10 years.

It’s a journey that started out really easy with some beginners luck, and then got really rough when reality caught up with them.

Over the years they have a lost a lot of sheep along the way, but they have learned a lot, and now they aren’t losing many sheep it all.

For them grassfed lamb is an enterprise that works, and after hearing this one, you may decide that it could also work for you…

Raising 100% Grassfed and Certified Organic Lamb with Kinley Coulter of Coulter Farms.

Connect with Kinley Coulter:

Coulter Farms

Ewes on the farm.

Toby the ram.

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