PV3 – Video Package (The Whole Conference)


Video and slides from over 36 presentations from PV3 covering over 48 hours.  All video is fully downloadable.

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Product Description

Are you interested in broadacre agriculture and permaculture?

Do you want to start and/or run a profitable broadacre operation?

If so, then learn from some of the best farmers and designers in the business – People running successful broadacre agriculture and permaculture businesses.

The PV3 video package includes over hours of presentations from Greg Judy, Darren Doherty, Jack Spirko, Grant Schultz, Darby Simpson and more.

Or are you interested in small scale agriculture, urban farming or market gardening?

Do you want to start a small farm?

If so, then learn from some of the best small farmers in the business.

Farmers running profitable small farmers.  And farmers who literally wrote the books on small scale farming.

With the PV3 video package you can also watch over 14 hours of presentations from Jean-Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Dan Brisebois, and Chris Thoreau.

In addition to the design and farming side of things, there there are also 10 hours of business presentations included in the video package. 

From marketing to personal financial planning for entrepreneurs to how to run a successful permaculture contracting company.  Speakers such as Erik Ohlsen, Mary Beth Storjohann, Christian Shearer, and Gregory Landua cover a wide variety of business topics.

Business, broadacre agriculture, and small scale agriculture make up the three main tracks of PV3. 

Now with the with the PV3 video package you can see all 37 PV3 presentations from each of the three tracks for only $249.

Watch online or download the videos.  You will have lifetime access.

Complete audio files and presentation slides included.

Or if you are just interested in BROADACRE or SMALL SCALE agriculture you can get those packages for $99.

If you wondering what you will learn in this video package from PV3, here is a list…

  • How to build businesses that generate cash flow within the first few months.
  • How to start businesses that have LOW start-up costs.
  • How you can increase your overall wealth by building other forms of capital outside of financial capital.
  • How to MAXIMIZE your efforts by focusing methodologies that work in the real world.
  • How to use the growing public demand for local, organic, nutrient dense food to your advantage.
  • How to earn a living on LAND YOU DON’T OWN.
  • How to successfully market your farm products – from people with years of farm sales experience.
  • How to create a financial plan for your business, to help take the stress out of starting a business.
  • Learn how you can make MORE money by farming LESS land.
  • How to take advantage of growing trends – like the high demand for cider apples.
  • How you can stack multiple enterprises onto the same land-base.
  • How you can increase the resiliency of your business by having a diverse customer base.
  • How to communicate the EXACT value that you deliver a SPECIFIC target market.
  • How to tell the story of your business to your customers – the key is telling the story that the customers want to hear.
  • How you can apply the land design techniques of world renowned permaculture designers to your land without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • How to increase the resiliency of your farm through smart and efficient land design.
  • How to increase your farm’s drought resiliency.
  • How to save time, money, and stress on your farm by creating a simple and effective crop plan.
  • Why hard work isn’t enough. Learn where to focus your efforts to save yourself time and money while increasing your productivity and profits.
  • How to set yourself up for success. Learn proven success principals that allow you adapt to most external circumstances and market conditions.
  • Why the idea of “chosen ones” and “being privileged” and “luck” are myths. Darren Doherty, Greg Judy, and Jean-Martin Fortier aren’t doing anything that you can’t do. The key is that they show up every day and do something to keep moving forward and improving.
  • How successful people problem solve and adapt in an ever changing world and marketplace.
  • How people just like you have transitioned from the corporate world into farming (on the side) and been successful enough to transition to farming full-time.
  • Learn how to stay the course. In the real world it’s only the people who show up every day that survive in the long run.
  • Learn how to make a living with permaculture and get access to the tools, people, and action plans that will help you live the permaculture life you’ve always dreamed of.

In the PV3 video package you’ll learn practical skills from over 20 entrepreneurs, designers, and experts who have years of experience and are eager to help you start and grow your regenerative business career.

What’s included in the package?

  • You can watch all of the video online or you can download it.
    • All video is downloadable via Vimeo.  
  • The video package also includes all of the audio from PV3 ($99 value), so you can listen to presentations while on the go.

How much does it cost?

  • $249 gets you access to all of the video and audio from PV3.  This content is fully downloadable.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied for whatever reason. We will refund you in full within the first 7 days.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get…

Taylor Walker: Perennial Vegetables for Profit

Gregory Landau: 8 Forms of Capital – Through Regenerative Cacao

Jack Spirko: Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward


The PV3 Presentations included in this package

One and Three Hour Presentations:

  • Christian Shearer, Ethan Soloviev, Gregory Landau, Mary Johnson: Regenerative Business Model Design (3HR)
  • Christian Shearer & Gregory Landau: Regenerative Supply – Breaking the Chains (1HR)
  • Chris Thoreau: Ensuring Product Integrity: Factors for success in intensive microgreen production (1HR)
  • Chris Thoreau: Microgreen Economics: Building and Maintaining a Profitable Business (1HR)
  • Curtis Stone: $80,000 on a Quarter Acre – A Case Study of A High Profiting, Hi-Rotation Mini-Farm (3HR)
  • Curtis Stone: Crunching Data to Crush Your Season – How to Optimize Information to Expedite Your Learning Curve and Manage Your Business and Farm (3HR)
  • Daniel Brisebois: Integrating Commercial Seed Production Into The Market Garden (1HR)
  • Daniel Brisebois: Crop Planning to Kick Ass (3HR)
  • Darby Simpson: Farm Marketing & Business Planning: Real World Proven Strategies (3HR)
  • Darren Doherty: Startup Case Studies: Regrarians’ Clients who are Making their Way (3HR)
  • Darren Doherty: Broadacre Agroforestry Integration — A Whole of Industry Approach – Session 1 & 2 (6HR, 3HR Each)
  • Eliza Greenman: A New Fruit Culture: Planning and Managing Orchards for Production, Ethics and Niche Markets (1HR)
  • Erik Ohlsen: Running a Successful Permaculture Contracting Company (1HR)
  • Erin Axelrod: Realizing the Regenerative Economy (1HR)
  • Grant Schultz: Making Permaculture Pay: Proven Business Blueprints (1 HR)
  • Greg Judy: Successful Implementation Using High Density Planned Grazing (3HR)
  • Greg Judy: The Economics For Leasing Land, How To Find It and Develop It For Maximum Income (3HR)
  • Hilary Bromberg & Marty McDonald: A Crash Course in Marketing, Brand Development, Product Development, Design, and Market Research for the Permaculture Entrepreneur (3HR)
  • Jack Spirko: Ducks for Fun, Profit and Land Development (1HR)
  • Jean-Martin Fortier: Profitable small-scale farming. How design sets the stage for success. (1HR)
  • Jean-Martin Fortier & Jonathan Pinault: Introducing permaculture principles into a profitable market garden. (1HR)
  • Mary Beth Storjohann: Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs: Before, During and After Your Business (1HR)
  • Zach Weiss: Elemental Ecology (3HR)

Short Form Talks:

  • Andrew Millison: Permaculture Meets the Massive Open Online Course
  • Erik Ohlsen: Designing a Regenerative Economy
  • Frank Golbeck: Helping the Competition
  • Gregory Landau: 8 Forms of Capital – Through Regenerative Cacao
  • Hugh Kelly: Zone E
  • Jack Spirko: Taking Regenerative Agriculture into the Mainstream
  • Javan K Bernakevitch: The Biggest Question
  • John Suscovich: Three Books Every Farmer Should Own
  • Justin Rhodes: Permaculture Chickens
  • Mark Oberle: Leveraging Your Network for Reducing Business Risk
  • Matt Powers: Walking the Walk
  • Nathan Bernard: Creating The Yachats Farmstore
  • Rob Kaiser: Transitioning from Corporate Based to Value Based Living
  • Taylor Walker: Perennial Vegetables for Profit

You can read all of the talk descriptions HERE

Invest in Yourself

I am a big believer in investing in yourself…

The one thing in this world that you have control over is yourself – what you know and what you can do. No one can take that away from you and you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you get laid off or have to be relocated, what you know goes with you. And people who know more are able to deal with change easier than those who don’t.

Build resiliency into your life by increasing what you know and who you know, so you can then look for opportunity.

The only way to get true freedom is by being able to take control of your own financial destiny. You can only do that if you have a plan and the skills to execute it.

I believe that these videos are one way to add some of the those skills to your toolbox.