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PV3 – Audio Package


Audio and slides from over 36 presentations from PV3 covering over 48 hours.  All audio is fully downloadable.

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Product Description

Want to learn more about profitable agriculture and permaculture businesses?

Access all of the audio and slides from all 37 PV3 presentations for only $99

What you get?

  • Audio from 37 different talks presented PV3 – Over 50 hours total.
  • Full online access to the slides from each presentation.
  • You can listen to the audio online or you can download it.
    • All audio is downloadable via DropBox.  

How much does it cost?

  • $99 gets you access to all of the audio from PV3.  This content is fully downloadable.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied for whatever reason. We will refund you in full within the first 7 days.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get…

The PV3 Presentations included in this package

  • Christian Shearer, Ethan Soloviev, Gregory Landau, Mary Johnson: Regenerative Business Model Design (3HR)
  • Christian Shearer & Gregory Landau: Regenerative Supply – Breaking the Chains (1HR)
  • Chris Thoreau: Ensuring Product Integrity: Factors for success in intensive microgreen production (1HR)
  • Chris Thoreau: Microgreen Economics: Building and Maintaining a Profitable Business (1HR)
  • Curtis Stone: $80,000 on a Quarter Acre – A Case Study of A High Profiting, Hi-Rotation Mini-Farm (3HR)
  • Curtis Stone: Crunching Data to Crush Your Season – How to Optimize Information to Expedite Your Learning Curve and Manage Your Business and Farm (3HR)
  • Daniel Brisebois: Integrating Commercial Seed Production Into The Market Garden (1HR)
  • Daniel Brisebois: Crop Planning to Kick Ass (3HR)
  • Darby Simpson: Farm Marketing & Business Planning: Real World Proven Strategies (3HR)
  • Darren Doherty: Startup Case Studies: Regrarians’ Clients who are Making their Way (3HR)
  • Darren Doherty: Broadacre Agroforestry Integration — A Whole of Industry Approach – Session 1 & 2 (6HR, 3HR Each)
  • Eliza Greenman: A New Fruit Culture: Planning and Managing Orchards for Production, Ethics and Niche Markets (1HR)
  • Erik Ohlsen: Running a Successful Permaculture Contracting Company (1HR)
  • Erin Axelrod: Realizing the Regenerative Economy (1HR)
  • Grant Schultz: Making Permaculture Pay: Proven Business Blueprints (1 HR)
  • Greg Judy: Successful Implementation Using High Density Planned Grazing (3HR)
  • Greg Judy: The Economics For Leasing Land, How To Find It and Develop It For Maximum Income (3HR)
  • Hilary Bromberg & Marty McDonald: A Crash Course in Marketing, Brand Development, Product Development, Design, and Market Research for the Permaculture Entrepreneur (3HR)
  • Jack Spirko: Ducks for Fun, Profit and Land Development (1HR)
  • Jean-Martin Fortier: Profitable small-scale farming. How design sets the stage for success. (1HR)
  • Jean-Martin Fortier & Jonathan Pinault: Introducing permaculture principles into a profitable market garden. (1HR)
  • Mary Beth Storjohann: Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs: Before, During and After Your Business (1HR)
  • Zach Weiss: Elemental Ecology (3HR)

You can read all of the talk descriptions here.