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Farm Business Essentials – 3 Day Intensive – Multiple


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Product Description

Farm Business Essentials – 3 Day Intensive

March 2-4, 2017

Martinsville, IN


Do you want to transition into livestock farming on a part-time or full-time basis?

Or are you currently farming, but it’s stressful and challenging to manage the farm and life?

Or are you currently farming, but you are struggling to make the enterprise profitable or generate enough on farm income to farm full time?

The Farm Business Essentials Intensive was created to help addresses those concerns and challenges.

In this three day workshop we will take an in-depth look at where you are currently at, where you want to go, what do you need to put in place to get there, and what are some of the next action steps to turn the ideas into reality.

The workshop will focus on:

  • selecting the right farming enterprise for you and your situation
  • balancing family with farm business startup
  • overcoming personal challenges with starting and running a business
  • refining your farm venture to decrease costs and increase profits
  • starting up a farm on the side, or on a part time base, and then scaling that operation as needed


Taking on a farming venture is hard.

Starting a business is hard.

But, there are ways that you can make journey more manageable.


The goal of the workshop is to set you up with a mindset and the tools to maximize the effort that you are a putting into the business, and maximize the dollars that you are investing into the business, so you aren’t wasting time or money.

We will help you do this by creating your own personal plan, that aligns with your context (what do you have to work with, where are you at, where do you want to go, and how fast) so you can go home and take your idea and business to the next level.

No filler, just solid content geared towards real life context.

The three day intensive workshop will take place near Indianapolis, Indiana on March 2-4, 2017.

The workshop will be led by farmer Darby Simpson and Diego Footer. Two people who are closely tied to the farming industry and fully understand the challenges that go with starting a business and managing a business.

The workshop will answer questions such as:

  • How do you transition into farming on a part time basis
  • How do you select the appropriate enterprise for your context (your market, landbase, time availability)
  • How do you create your own Holistic Context so you can align expectations and action steps accordingly for you
  • Why most small businesses and farms fail
  • What are the important conversations that you need to have with your spouse/partner before starting a entrepreneurial venture
  • How do you financially plan for entrepreneurship and career transition
  • Is farming part-time a better fit than farming full-time for you
  • What would a basic chicken and pork enterprise look like
  • How to budget for farm enterprise start-up
  • How do you achieve a balanced lifestyle so you don’t burn out and stick with the journey
  • What resources and skills do you currently have to work with
  • What is your unfair advantage
  • What mental issues might be holding you back
  • Scared to start, why, and how to overcome that fear
  • How to cash flow a startup farm
  • How to manage your time accordingly to balance the business with the rest of life
  • How to deal with the not so glamorous, but needed parts of the business – insurance, book keeping, entity formation
  • Create a realistic financial and career plan to turn your farm dream into a financially viable reality
  • Identify an approach that is manageable for you and your situation
  • Why farming might NOT be the right business for you, despite what you may initially think
  • How to build farm business that generate cash flow within the first few months
  • How to start a farm business with LOW start-up costs.
  • How to MAXIMIZE your efforts by focusing methodologies that work in the real world
  • How to create a financial plan for your business, to help take the stress out of starting a business
  • How you can stack multiple enterprises onto the same land-base
  • Why hard work isn’t enough. Learn where to focus your efforts to save yourself time and money while increasing your productivity and profits
  • How to set yourself up for success. Learn proven success principals that allow you to adapt to most external circumstances and market conditions
  • How successful people problem solve and adapt in an ever changing world and marketplace
  • Learn how to stay the course. In the real world it’s only the people who show up every day that survive in the long run


We will be approaching this workshop holistically.

The focus isn’t just on how to raise broiler chickens or raise pastured pigs. The mechanics of livestock management are only a small portion of what makes an enterprise successful. There are many other pieces that need to be looked at to help achieve business success – time management, family management, financial management, aligning your expectations with the business, designing the business to meet your needs.

Failure to acknowledge and manage these other pieces will likely lead to issues down the line.

By focusing on the whole (you, your life situation, where you want to go, and what you need) you can strategically approach the business process in a way that matches your context which will help you avoid making emotional or impulsive decisions; decisions that could cost you a lot of time, money and energy.

Given that, each participant will finish the intensive having a clear and concise vision of what they want to do and get out of life, a starting plan for how to achieve that, and a mindset to help you stay on course.


The Farm Business Essentials intensive is brought to you by farmer Darby Simpson and entrepreneur Diego Footer. Darby Simpson started his transition into farming on the side with only $500 – while he was working full time and supporting a young family. Diego is in the process of building a business on the side while working full time and supporting a family. We understand what it is like to follow your dreams and passions, to transition from one career to another, and do it when life is in the way, and when things look challenging.

Our goal for this workshop is to share the lessons that we have learned in our journey to help you take the best possible approach in starting your business. We will also be drawing on the lessons that we have learned from dozens of others who have succeeded and failed with their farming businesses. Knowing what types of things can lead to failure and what types of challenges lie ahead won’t help you 100% avoid those types of problems, but it will at least make you aware of what lies ahead so you can prepare, plan, and adapt when they DO happen. Ultimately success and action are up to you, but there are ways that you can shift the odds in your favor to make the journey more manageable, less stressful, and less financially costly.


Is this workshop for you?

You may be a good fit for this workshop if

  • you want to run a part-time or full-time farming enterprise
  • you currently run a farming enterprise, but are struggling to make it profitable
  • you currently run a farming enterprise, but are having trouble managing the farm and family life
  • you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and techniques crowd-sourced from others that have faced, and overcome, the same challenges
  • you’re thinking about starting a livestock farm, but aren’t sure what that business or lifestyle would look like
  • you are currently running a business, but you feel like it could be running smoother and more efficiently
  • you want to transition into a farming career, but are struggling to make the transition from your current job into farming

This isn’t a workshop for hobbyists or homesteaders. This is a how to run a business profitably and manage and balanced life, so you can make a living doing it workshop.

While some of the subject matter in this workshop focuses on livestock farming enterprises, a lot of the base principals covered in the workshop could apply to ANY farm enterprise – be it vegetables, mushrooms, or bees.

The workshop will focus on setting you up with a process and the tools for success in business. Be it farming or other business.

What past attendees are saying:

“If you are interested in starting a farm, for profit, of any size,from the backyard urban farm to the 1000 acre multi-species mob grazing operation,  you need this course. I gained the the confidence to begin the launch of our family farming enterprise and was armed with the tools to combine production with the business and marketing of the products and of the farm itself. We have a plan in place to buy and raise pastured poultry to compliment our grass fed and finished beef and the marketing started right after the workshop was over.” David in Texas 
“I was fortunate enough to attend the November Farm Business Essentials Workshop and can definitely say it was money well spent. The process that Diego and Darby went through prior to the workshop really paid off in my opinion. They were able to tailor the workshop to our needs and answered many of the questions I had about starting a farming enterprise. I went in to the workshop thinking I knew the best approach but going through the workshop I realized there were many things I didn’t consider. Being around liked minded people was also very helpful especially to bounce ideas of each other. I feel that I am now ready to start my farming venture in 2017 and I have the knowledge and the path to be successful. Anyone considering to be a farmer would benefit greatly from taking this course.”  Lou in Texas

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Where are you at, where do you want to go?

8AM-6PM (Likely later)

  • Setting mental expectations and mental approach.
  • Setting family expectations and family approach.
  • Setting financial expectations and financial approach.
  • Resource and skill assessment. What do you have to work with right now? And where do you feel like you are lacking?

Day 2: What do you need to put in place and think about to get to where you want to go?

8AM-6PM (Likely later)

  • Transition, startup expectations, steps, process.
  • Enterprise selections.
  • Balancing the lifestyle.
  • Full time/part time.
  • Market assessment.
  • Chicken Enterprise Fundamentals.

Day 3: What do you need to put in place and think about to get to where you want to go?


  • Pig Enterprise Fundamentals.
  • Time Management.
  • Next Steps.


Martinsville, IN (near Indianapolis)

Thursday, March 2 – Saturday, March 4, 2017

The workshop will take place at:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Martinsville-Bloomington Area

Address: 2233 Burton Ln, Martinsville, IN 46151

Phone: (765) 813-3999




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What is else is included:

  • Lunch provided each day. Local and organic, meat provided by Darby’s farm.
  • Snacks, coffee, water, and tea are provided throughout the workshop.
  • Printed workbook containing all workshop notes and worksheets.
  • Pre-Workshop Videos- Available immediately upon registration.
    • Darby Simpson: Farm Marketing & Business Planning: Real World Proven Strategies (3HR)
    • Greg Judy: Successful Implementation Using High Density Planned Grazing (3HR)
    • Greg Judy: The Economics For Leasing Land, How To Find It and Develop It For Maximum Income (3HR)
  • Access to 3 monthly follow up webinars AFTER the workshop to help keep you on track and answer any follow up questions.
  • 30 minute consult PRIOR to the workshop to help make sure that your concerns are addressed during the workshop.