Practical Thoughts on Farmers Markets for The Upcoming Season – Part 2 of 2 (GFL45)

With summer farmers markets starting around the county over the next couple of months it’s time to start looking at the markets in your area, if you want to sell at farmers markets.

In last week’s episode which was effectively part 1 of this mini-series we took a look at how to select markets and what to do when you are apply markets. It involved casting a wide net and narrowing down your market choices to the ones that seemed like the best fit and the ones that would accept you.

Today in part 2 of the series we’ll move a little further ahead in time, to when you actually get accepted into a market, and we will take a look at some of the specifics that come into play with that.

Things like…

How to choose a farms market stall spot?

How to price cuts?

Two of many things that you might not think about when your applying to a market, but something that’s critical to think about once you are accepted.

Thoughts on Apply to Farmers Markets:

  • When applying to a farmers market make sure that they have a lot of information to make their decision – highlight what unique benefits you bring.
    • Don’t assume that they will spend a lot of time researching you.
  • Know going in, it will likely take a few years to build up a client base at a farmers market given the relationship base transactions that come with selling meat.
  • Apply to every market in your area that you are interested in, because you don’t know who will accept you.
  • A good farmers market manager can make all the difference in the world for the market.
  • Make sure that you are honest about what will be trying to do when you are applying to a new market.
    • Keep in communication with the market manager if problems arise.
    • Think twice before going rouge and breaking the rules.

Some key criteria you want to try to identify about each market to make a choice, and how Darby would categorize them:

    • Location of market – Very important.  The location should have good visibility and look professional.  This is also where local knowledge comes in, you will probably know what areas are better than others.
    • Distance from your farm – Depends on how much you want to drive.
    • Day of the week – Saturday is by far the best day.
    • Cost of the stall – Not important, and more expensive might be better.
    • Number of existing meat vendors – Too many can be bad, but no steady existing vendor might be an issue.  Why don’t they have one?

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