Portable Electric Fence for Livestock 101 – Tips, Tricks and Advice with Stephanie Sexton of Premier 1 – Grass Fed Life (GFL58x)

Last week Darby and I talked about fencing basics, think – How should you think about fencing in your context?

Given that, depending on you and your situation, the best option might be to use portable electric fencing.

If that’s the case, then this episode is for you because today it’s all about portable electric fence.

Stephanie Sexton, Product Manager at Premier 1 Supplies, joins me to talk about the ins and outs of electric fence for three specific farming scenarios – poultry, pigs, and market gardening.

Stephanie has had years of experience working with product and helping farmers just like you select the right fence for their situation. Over that time, she’s seen it all and her knowledge of the product is amazing.

In this episode she talks about things like:

How to select the right fence?

Should you go with a temporary or semi-permanent setup?

How to choose the correct energizer?

How do you deal with vegetation and very dry or very wet condition?

If you have questions about electro-net, then this is the episode for you.

As we get into this episode you will realize there’s a lot of details and specifics in this episode. Given that, don’t worry about taking notes, because you can download a summary of the whole conversation in the show notes for Episode 58.

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