Permaculture Webinar On-Demand: Larry Santoyo, Paul Wheaton, Ben Falk

On-Demand: The first Permaculture Voices Shout. A permaculture webinar.



Over 5 hours of live permaculture talk from 3 of the biggest names in permaculture on demand.

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Larry Santoyo – Paul Wheaton – Ben Falk


3 world class permaculture educators share 3 different permaculture talks with you.

Each speaker shares a different and unique message about how permaculture design principles can be used to improve the world that we live in.


Larry Santoyo – Permaculture for Humanity: Beyond Buildings and Food (1:18hrs.)

Watch Larry’s Presentation:



Sample Slides:

Larry Santoyo Permaculture Voices 1 Larry Santoyo Permaculture Voices 2 Larry Santoyo Permaculture Voices 3

Larry Santoyo, Director: EarthFlow Design Works
The teaching team is led by Larry Santoyo, an ecological designer, land use planner and business consultant. Santoyo is among the most experienced Permaculture Designers and Educators in the US and has taught environmental design at colleges and universities nationwide including UC Berkeley and California State PolyTechnic University. First mentored by Bill Mollison in the mid 80′s, Larry went on to teach design courses with Mollison till the mid 90′s in the US and in Australia. Larry will be teaching a PDC this upcoming fall along with Toby Hemenway and Scott Pittman. You can find out more and register HERE, City of Angels Permaculture Academy.


Paul Wheaton – Building a Better World One Permaculture Brick at a Time (2:23hrs.)

Watch Paul’s Presentation:



Sample Slides:

Paul Wheaton Permaculture Voices 3 Paul Wheaton Permaculture Voices 2 Paul Wheaton Permaculture Voices 1

Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, Founder of
A larger-than-life character and writer who is the operator of, a forum to discuss all things permaculture, and who also publishes hundreds of podcasts and YouTube videos. He is a Master Gardener, permaculture designer and a java software engineer. Paul received his PDC in 2005. He has visited hundreds of farms and sites using permaculture principles over the years resulting a wealth of permaculture knowledge.


Ben Falk – 10 Years In A Cold Climate: Resilience & Regeneration. Principles in Practice (1:24hrs.)

Watch Ben’s Presentation:



 Sample Slides:

Ben Falk Permaculture Voices 1 Ben Falk Permaculture Voices 2 Ben Falk Permaculture Voices 3

Ben Falk, M.A.L.D: Design, Planning, Systems Optimization
Ben developed Whole Systems Design, LLC as a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. Life as a designer, builder, ecologist, tree-tender, and backcountry traveler continually informs Ben’s integrative approach to developing landscapes and buildings. His home landscape and the WSD studio site in Vermont’s Mad River Valley serve as a proving ground for the regenerative land developments featured in the projects of Whole Systems Design. Ben has studied architecture and landscape architecture at the graduate level and holds a master’s degree in land-use planning and design. He has conducted nearly 200 site development consultations across New England and facilitated dozens of courses on permaculture design, property selection, microclimate design, and design for climate change. Ben recently published the book – The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach.

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