Getting Customers to Come to You – Crushing on Farm Sales with Michael Covach – Grass Fed Life (GFL62x)

What if you didn’t have to wake up early every Saturday and load up and lug down to the farmers market.

What if instead you could sleep in, at least till 5 versus 3.

What would that be like? And what would sales, specifically your market streams have to look like to make that happen?

You would have to be delivering your product off the farm to the customers or you could have the product deliver itself by having the customer come to you.

That’s how farmer Michael Kovach of Walnut Hill Farm sells 95% of his product. He does in a 20ft by 10ft shed, ie the on farm store. It’s a model that’s worked really well for him despite his location, which isn’t exactly close to a major city at an hour away. Despite the distance customer come out once a week, usually to buy him out of his stock. How’s does it all work?

Stay tuned to find out in this episode of Grass Fed Life with Micahel Kovach of Walnut Hill Farm.

Walnut Hill Farm on Facebook

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A Typical Farm Stand Facebook post for Michael’s farm:


Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, and that means OPEN HOURS AT OUR #farmstand! Well suplied with lots of good stuff.   Here’s a listing!

EGGS: In GREAT supply! (ask about the “pullet” eggs—they make AWESOME deviled, pickled & fried eggs, and are only 1.50/dozen!) #cagefree #nonGMOfed

BEEF: GROUND BEEF, Stew meat, Chuck roasts, Rolled rump roasts, Short ribs, Liver, heart, tongue, Marrow bones, Beef shank #grassfed #grassfinished #pastureraised

CHICKEN: bone-in thighs, drums and wings. Chicken SAUSAGE (Sweet Italian & Kielbasa)   SOUP STOCK KITS —GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST! (Next batch won’t go until the 7th of June!)#freerange #pastureraised #nonGMOfed

PORK: COTTAGE (butt) BACON, Spare ribs, country ribs, cutlets, sausage – Roasted Garlic, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Maple Breakfast, breakfast links, plain ground pork), pork butt, loin end roasts, center cut roasts, boneless chops, bone-in chops, ham steaks, ham hocks, quarter/half hams #pastureraised #nonGMOfed

TURKEY: Whole bird, Drums, AND Turkey SAUSAGE (Sweet Italian & Kielbasa)   SOUP STOCK KITS #freerange #pastureraised #nonGMOfed


Come on out and see Karen—she’s got the good stuff!

The next group of regenerative specialists being nurtured in the pasture


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