Filtering Your Ideas into an Enterprise that Works For You – A Workshop Recap – Grass Fed Life – Episode 33

Grass Fed Life

Last week we hosted the first running of the Farm Business Essentials workshop in Indiana.

And today’s show highlights some of our big takeaways from that workshop.

To start here’s two of mine.

First, this is a lifestyle.

Full time farming is not a job or a career it is a lifestyle. Long hours, late hours, hours on the weekends and holidays. It’s what you are signing up for. Know that going it.

The second is have realistic expectations.

Set yourself up for success from Day 1 by putting in place a plan that has a chance of success in reality. There’s some danger in putting in a plan that’s too aggressive up front, because what happens on the back end when you don’t meet your own level of expectations, unrealistic or not? Not a situation that you want to be in.

These are just two of my big takeaways from the workshop.

Notice that these are both on the mental side of things. That was a big part of the content of this workshop – dealing with the mental workload and expectations that come with starting, running, and building a small business. And it was that content being paired alongside the in the field technique type content that made this workshop unique.

Overall I was really proud of the workshop that we put on and the group of students that attended. If you attended, thanks for coming and thanks for the support. And I look forward to seeing where things go with everyone in 2017 and beyond.

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Workshop Recap:

  • Where is your processing going to take place?
    • Depending on that, that may dictate the direction of your enterprise or what enterprise you select?
  • Does that operation fit your context, your land, your market, and your skill-set?
  • Step back and look at the potential operation from A to Z and then try to find holes in the operation:
    • Examples:
      • Land doesn’t fit
      • Not enough customers
      • Not enough time for this enterprise
  • This is a lifestyle – accept it and realize it going it.
  • It’s not all about technique – you need to look at all other areas of the business.
  • On the production side – if you can get it 80% of the way there from the start you are good, the rest can be refined over time.
  • What’s your unfair advantage for you and for your farm and how can you take advantage of that?
    • That could help you choose which enterprise to focus on.
  • This is a relationship based business.  Cultivate those relationships.
    • People buy from you because they believe in you.
    • Take care of your best customers.
  • Have realistic expectations.  Things may take a while to develop.

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