Farmsteading, A Profitable Alternative to Farming? (GFL49)

What do you do if you want to farm, but you really like your job?

Or what do you do if you want to farm, but you really can’t afford to farm full time at this point in your life?

Or what do you do if you want to farm, but you haven’t ever farmed before?

One option is to go the homesteading route and dabble in farm style production. It allows you to produce some of your own food and explore some of your interests. But it’s a limited model, because usually homesteading doesn’t scale. It’s more of a hobby, than a business.

Another option is to look at farming part time. Farming on the side. An episode that we have touched on in the show before, but one that we have never really focused on.

Today we will take a look at part time farming, or farmsteading, looking at what’s possible and how viable of an option it really is.

It’s a model that fits nicely in between homesteading and full time farming. It’s a model that might be more financially approachable now, it’s a model that might not require radical lifestyle change, and it’s a model that might pay you something to produce your own food.

And maybe best of all it’s an option that gives you a lot of future options.

For many of you listening to this show, I think that this option is the option you have been looking for.

What makes it a farmstead?

Farmsteading as living on a homestead, but running a small business of the homestead where you raise your own food, but raise enough surplus to pay for what you eat yourself and possibly make some profit along the way.  

  • Run your animal operations as a professional would
    • Use professional methods
    • Use professional equipment
  • Keep money for the farmstead in a separate account
  • Track your costs
  • Cultivate a customer base

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  1. Loved this episode Diego. This is exactly the track we are on. Both my wife and are federal employees with jobs we do not plan to leave. I look at the J- O-B as the financier that pays for my land, infrastructure, and animals so that we don’t have to bootstrap everything just off the farm. I started this so that we could raise some of our own food, having some to sell and have it pay for itself is a bonus. Additionally, I believe it is a great plan to get kids involved in business ideas, discipline, taking responsibly etc.

    Great episode!

    RonBoots Farm

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