Building Soil and Restoring Pastures by Grazing Sheep with Jodi Roebuck of Roebuck Farm (GFL54x)

For today’s episode we are going over to the land of sheep, New Zealand to talk to small scale farmer and grazer Jodi Roebuck of Roebuck Farm.

Jodi has a unique story… he started out as a vegetable gardener vegetarian and somewhere along the way he took notice of the regenerative effect grazing animals can have on the landscape. With that seed planted he took some knowledge from Joel Salatin and grazing cattle to start grazing a small flock of sheep on his home farm.

Since then he’s gone on to grow his flock to around 100 sheep which he now grazes on his home farm, and several leases in his area of Taranaki.

It’s through this grazing lease model that he’s seen soil build and old worn out pastures turn around by way of a high stocking density and daily rotation.

Jodi’s come a long way since his vegetarian days, now having a reverence and deep understanding of grazing animals and their ability to turn around a degrading landscape.

In this episode we’ll talk about Jodi’s method of rotation grazing, fencing, how he’s built his flock, and his method of low stress animal handling that’s earned him the nick name of The Pied Piper of Sheep.

Overall, his model and approach are interesting, they’re not the norm when it comes to sheep, but in his context it works, and that’s all that matters.

Building Soil and Restoring Pastures by Grazing Sheep with Jodi Roebuck of Roebuck Farm.

Connect with Jodi Roebuck:

Roebuck Farm

Roebuck Farm on Facebook

Jodi’s Recommended book on Low Stress Animal Handling: Moving ‘Em by Burt Smith

Jodi’s sheep in the pasture

Jodi rotating sheep



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