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A podcast for people looking to blend the permaculture design process and techniques of permaculture with right-livelihood. 


Repairing the planet, solving problems, producing products, and making a living doing it. 

You’ll hear from experts who are far down their respective paths and people just like you who are starting out and making a go of it and learning as they go.

Each episode gives you practical insights and advice that you put into action today.

The show is hosted by Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices.

Do you want earn a living in the permaculture space?
But are you stuck and don't know where to start?
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Permaculture Voices Podcast – The Episodes:

111: You Can Change Your Own Life, If You Want To – Going from Alcoholism to Permaculture.

110: The Business of Gasification. The Challenges and Successes of Transitioning a Hobby into a Viable Business with Troy Martz.

109: Building Dams, Ponds, and Rehydrating the Landscape – The Water Retention Landscape with Zach Weiss.

108: Build A Sustainable & Profitable Education Business – Rancho Mastatal, A Model For Success with Scott Gallant.

107: Taking your concept to reality. Is the concept really worth the time, energy and money involved?

106: Permaculture Contracting. Ecologically Regenerative – Socially Just – Economically Viable. Presented by Erik Ohlsen.

105: Goats as Restorative Catalysts. Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration, Not Degeneration.

104: 7 Steps to Start Your Profitable Permaculture Based Business presented at PV2 by Luke Callahan.

103: The Great Work of Our Time presented at PV2 by John D Liu.

102: Critiquing Permaculture – A Deeper Look Into Permaculture – Part 2.

101: What Permaculture Isn’t, And Is – A Deeper Look Into Permaculture – Part 1.

100: Liberation Permaculture with Toby Hemenway.

099: Permaculture Plants: A Business and A Hobby with Taylor Walker.

098: Farmscale and Broadacre Permaculture Design Experiences with Neil Bertrando.

097: Growing Apples in Warm Climates.

096: Building Soil Health by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

095: Living Life Like a 5 Year Old. Coming Alive and Changing the World by Learning and Living with Curiosity and Intention. A Conversation with Matthew Abrams.

094: Forest Farming with Steve Gabriel. Growing Crops Within the Canopy of an Existing Forest.

093: Simple Ideas and Strategies for Breaking Ground into a New Career in Permaculture with John Pugliano.

092: Printing Permaculture: The Vision and Story of Creating a Massive Permaculture Media Business. A 22 Year Active Case Study with Maddy Harland.

091: Farming. It’s Damn Hard. The Real Life Journey of Starting a Permaculture Farm with No Money. An interview with Mark Shepard.

090: Social Permaculture. Creating a Diversity of Functional Connections Between People and Their Skills.

089: Stacking Fiefdoms with Joel Salatin. Creating Multiple Complementary Businesses Under the Umbrella of an Exisiting Business.

088: Designing Simple and Effective Passive Solar Greenhouses with Rob Avis.

087: Making $2000 A Week Growing Microgreens with Luke Callahan.

086: Raising American Guinea Hogs, The Homestead Pig with Cathy Payne.

085: Quitting A Job I Love for A Life That I Love. The Unromantic Journey Into Farm Life with Chad Stamps.

084: The Veglio Project. Restoring the Land. Awakening the Soul.

083: Profitable Urban Farming. A realistic view with farmer Curtis Stone. Working your ass off and making $50,000 on a quarter acre.

082: Hugelkultur. What it is. When is it appropriate. And when isn’t it. With Javan Bernakevitch.

081: Permaculture. The Future of Business and Beyond. An Interview Compilation

080: Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy

079: Hazelnuts. A Viable Broadacre Crop for the Midwest? Almost. with Phil Rutter

078: 100 Degrees and 3 Inches of Rain. Greening Saudi Arabia with Neal Spackman.

077: Changing the World by Changing Our Approach – An Interview Compilation

076: What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Building a life and a business around permaculture with Fraser Bliss

075: Geoff Lawton presents The Permaculture Designers’ Manual.

074: What’s a PDC? Part 2 of 2.

073: What’s a PDC? Part 1 of 2.

072: Farming Well. Cultivating a Community and Growing Businesses with Nigel Walker of Eatwell Farm.

071: Natural Swimming Pools with David Pagan Butler.

070: Do Your Impossible.

069: Unschooling Agriculture. Taking Steps Towards the Permaculture Farm with Grant Schultz.

068: Permaculture and the Forgotten. Teaching Permaculture in Places That Absolutely Need It. A Message of Hope with Rosemary Morrow.

067: Lawncare to Earthcare. Building Businesses, Embracing Failures, and Transitioning to a Career in Permaculture.

066: Urban Permaculture Design with Larry Santoyo. Creating Systems Where the Byproducts are More Sustainable Cities.

065: Re-Thinking Farm Products. Creating a Brand that Needs Ingredients from the Farm with Philippe Choiniere

064: Bringing More Permaculture to the Farm, Real World Constraints with David Sachs

063: 1000′s of Trees and Half an Acre. Small Scale Nursery Business with Akiva Silver

062: 75 Chicks to 10000. No Experience to Full Time Farmer. The Ronan Byrne Story

061: Designing & Building the Future…Literally. Open Source Ecology with Marcin Jakubowski

060: Building a Profitable Permaculture Business with Jack Spirko

059: Striking a Balance. Two People, and One, Two, or Many Dreams. Permaculture Beyond the Land, Building and Cultivating Resilient Relationships

058: Woody Agriculture. Breeding Trees, Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter. Part 2 of 2

057: Woody Agriculture. Breeding Trees, Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter. Part 1 of 2

056: An Idea Worth Sharing. Inside The Permaculture Orchard.

055: Rhodesia to Long Beach. 50 Years of Struggle, Persistence, and Success with Allan Savory.

054: PermaEthos. Changing the Agriculture System, A New Permaculture Farm Model with Jack Spirko

053: Plants and the Evolution of Permaculture with Byron Joel

052: Fermenting Success. A Passion for Family, Friends and Mead. The Frank Golbeck Story

051: Grow Better, Not Bigger. The Market Gardener – Producing $140,000 on 1.5 acres.

050: What Really Matters? Staying on track through your permaculture journey with your goal in mind.

049: Just Start. A Year of Podcasts. My Top 10 Most Impactful Episodes.

048: Planning for Success. Creating a Business Plan with Bill Bean.

047: Permaculture Homesteading – Enjoying Life Being a Realist, Not an Idealist with Cliff Davis.

046: Water – Simple, Yet Complex with Watershed Artisan Craig Sponholtz.

045: Profitable Methods Used to Heal the Land With Mob Grazing with Greg Judy.

044: How Can I Make it Happen. Stop Aspiring, Start Doing.

043: Starting a farm and living the happy farm life. A conversation with farmer Shannon Jones.

042: Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan.

041: Navigating the Fear of Leaving One Job and Starting Fresh. Hint: It probably won’t be as bad as you initially think.

040: Designing Systems That Will Work Before AND After SHTF – Passive Systems vs. Brittle Complicated Systems f. Ben Falk & Grant Schultz

039: The Future of Agriculture – Changing the Concept with Mark Shepard

038: Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Closing the Loop on Waste and Creating Energy in the Process

037: Arrive a Solution, Don’t Impose a Solution. Permaculture and Life with Toby Hemenway

036: Putting the Dehesa back into SoCal, A $1M Restoration Agriculture Start-Up

035: Ditching the Status Quo, Using Your Life Energy to Make a Better World: Permaculture Business

034: Permaculture 2.0, Designing a Profitable Broadacre Perennial Farm with Grant Schultz

033: Building Soil and Closing the Loop on Waste using Chickens….plus eggs!

032: How to fail better. The quest for origination, not emulation.

031: Geoff Lawton Talks Permaculture – The Past, The Future, and The Land

030: Paul Wheaton Discusses Intentional Community – Central Leader vs. Concensus

029: Darren Doherty Introduces the Regrarian Platform [A workshop recording, Part 1]

028: Industrial Farmer to Beyond Organic Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures

027: Permaculture Design and Cold Climates with Ben Falk

026: SPIN Farming with Curtis Stone

025: The Myth of the Perfect Job with John Kitsteiner

024: Permaculture Patterns and Goals with Owen Hablutzel

023: Michael Pollan talks GMOs, Industrial Agriculture, and the Impact of Cooking your Own Food

022: Thistles, The Dehesa System, a PDC, and more on Darren Doherty

021: The Permaculture Orchard f. Stefan Sebkowiak

020: Urban Lumber, Creating Value and Saving Wood from the Fireplace f. David Barmon

019: Joel Salatin Being Proactive and Controlling Your Own Sphere of Influence to Change the World

018: Using Permaculture Earthworks to Capture Rainwater Runoff and Prevent Erosion

017: Construction Estimator to Hog Farmer, The Story of a First Time Farmer f. Rebecca Krossnoski

016: Darren Doherty Talks Keyline Design and the Importance of Building Soil

015: Joel Salatin Talks to the Next Generation of Farmers

014: Raising Pastured Hogs & Why More People Aren’t Doing It f. John Backes of Circle B Ranch

013: Darren Doherty on Regrarianism and Why Regenerative is Better than Sustainable

012: Build Soil, Healing the Land, and Raising High Quality Food with Rotational Grazing

011: Growing Mushrooms, Building Soil, and Making $100,000 per Acre

010: Raising Heritage Breed Livestock and Venturing into Farming with Cathy Payne

009: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 2

008: The Story of a Beginning Farmer, Raising Pastured Lamb and Poultry in Southern California featuring Paul Greive

007: Can anyone be an entrepreneur? f. Permaculture Voices speaker Sarah Aubrey

006: How to Be a Small Farmer, Practical Advice from an Experienced Young Farmer. f. Permaculture Voices speaker Adam Klaus

005: Paul Wheaton Keynote from the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence

004: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 1

003: Fruit Trees for Year Round Fruit and Small Spaces with Ben Kotnik

002: Batteries for homesteads and mobile power with Iron Edison

001: Alternative Energy with Gasification and Wood Gas with Off Grid Pro


Permaculture Voices Podcast – The b Reels:

b027 – Starting a Permaculture Farm from Scratch – Lessons Learned from Real World Experiences – Presented by Grant Schultz and Peter Allen

b026 – Tools and Technology for the Permaculture Homestead – Presented by Grant Schultz

b025 – Fruits, Nuts & Livestock – Creating a Permaculture Silvopasture – Presented by Grant Schultz

b024 – Permaculture for Humanity – Beyond Buildings and Food – Presented by Larry Santoyo

b023 – Ecological Adaptation Strategy – Harnessing the Power of Plants for Changing Times – Presented by Joseph Simcox

b022 – Eating Before the ‘Invaders’, the American Native Peoples and Their Food Systems Before the Arrival of the Europeans – Presented by Joseph Simcox

b021 – Homestead and Farm Resiliency and Regeneration – 10 Years In A Cold Climate, Principles in Practice – Presented by Ben Falk

b020 – Taking your concept to reality. Is the concept really worth the time, energy and money involved? The Webinar.

b019 – The Farmscale Permaculture Series – Tree Crops: Tree Propagation by Grant Schultz

b018 – Stalled, Stagnated, and Stuck. How to Start Living The Permaculture Life That You Dream Of with Javan Bernakevitch

b017 – Restoring Tall Grass Prairie and Tree Crops with Ben Tyler

b016 – 3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business – Presented by Rob Avis

b015 – From Lawn to Productive & Profitable Mini-Farm – Presented by Curtis Stone

b014 – Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 2

b013 – Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 1

b012 – Holistic Grazing Plans, Energy and Marketing – The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 6

b011 – Darren’s Farm and Broadacre – The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 5

b010 – PV1 Behind the Scenes, A Recap of PV1 with Diego and Tall Paul

b009 – Getting the Mineral and Water Cycle Back In Order, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 4

b008 – Designing the Farm and Tree Systems, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 3

b007 – Permaculture Plants – A chat with Dave Whitinger of All Things Plants

b006 – The Holistic Goal. The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 2

b005 – USDA Microloans and more. What they have to offer beginning and established farmers.

b004 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 4-6

b003 – Pastured Hogs Webinar with Rebecca Krassnoski

b002 – Overstory Trees with Joey Delia

b001 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 1-3


The Urban Farmer Show:

More Common Reasons Why Many Farmers Struggle, and Practical Advice On How You Can Avoid Those Struggles – The Urban Farmer – Week 26

Tips for Dealing with Hot Weather and Planning Your Crop Production for the Cooler Days of Fall – The Urban Farmer – Week 25

Solving the Sales Problem – Optimizing Your Fresh Sheet to Increase Sales – The Urban Farmer – Week 24

Successful Farmers Think – The Importance of Information, Mentors, and Adaptation – The Urban Farmer – Week 23

Tips on Selling Into New Markets and Sourcing Products from Other Farmers – The Urban Farmer – Week 22

Transitioning Into Farming from the Corporate World – A Conversation with New Farmer Rob Kaiser – The Urban Farmer – Week 21

Taking a Smart Approach to Farming. Having the Right Mindset to Save Yourself Time, Money, and Mental Trauma – The Urban Farmer – Week 20

Hacking the Farmers Market. Tips and Tactics for Selling Your Farm Products Through Farmer’s Markets and CSAs – The Urban Farmer – Week 19

Creating On Farm Systems to Increase Your Efficiency and Chances for Success – The Urban Farmer – Week 18

Streamlining Tasks and Being More Efficient. Tips for Maximizing Effort and Time on the Farm – The Urban Farmer – Week 17

Different Farms, Different Markets, Different Models – Differences Between Farming Two Acres and a Quarter Acre – The Urban Farmer – Week 16

Tips for Finding Land to Farm in the City – What Works and What Doesn’t – The Urban Farmer – Week 15

5 Common Reasons Why Many Small Farmers Fail and How You Can Avoid These Pitfalls – The Urban Farmer – Week 14

Harvesting Products, Delivery to Restaurants, and Crop Planning – The Urban Farmer – Week 13

Greens. A Powerful Economic Driver of the Urban Farm that Keeps on Giving and Giving – The Urban Farmer – Week 12

High Production Tomato Growing – How to Grow a lot of Tomatoes in a Small Space – The Urban Farmer – Week 11

How much money can you make as an urban farmer? And other questions answered. The Urban Farmer – Week 10

Urban Farm Land – Gaining Access to Land and How To Convert the Land from Lawn to Mini Farm – The Urban Farmer – Week 9

Hacking the Seed, A Not So Obvious Look at Direct Seeding Crops – The Urban Farmer – Week 8

There’s A Party In The Greenhouse?!?!? – The Urban Farmer – Week 7

Transplanting and Interplanting. Getting the Most Out of Limited Space – The Urban Farmer – Week 6

Protecting and Manipulating Crop Growth Using Poly Low Tunnels and Setting Up Farm Irrigation – The Urban Farmer – Week 5

Pricing Products & Bringing On a New Employee – The Urban Farmer – Week 4

Going No-Till – The Urban Farmer – Week 3

The Setup Phase – The Urban Farmer – Week 2

It’s Winter, Know the Farm Numbers – The Urban Farmer – Week 1

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