Podcast Wide A podcast for learners, eco-entrepreneuers, and anyone who wants to make a change in their life, or the world, through permaculture.


Each episode brings you into the world of beyond sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and making a living doing it.

Discover how you can implement different strategies grow healthier food, get off the grid, and become more of a producer than a consumer.

Learn how to make your life more sustainable or how to just get started from people out there actually doing it.  You’ll hear from experts and people just like you who are making a go of it and learning as they go.

Each week we talk to farmers, designers, and backyard growers who are following their passion, changing the world, and in some cases making a living with permaculture.

Each episode will give you practical insights and advice that you put into action today.

Regenerative agriculture and farming, water harvesting, permaculture, organic gardening, soil building, food forests, nitrogen fixation, backyard chickens, fruit trees, and more strategies to feed your stomach and your soul.

The show is hosted by Diego Footer of the Permaculture Voices Conference.

The Episodes:

001: Alternative Energy with Gasification and Wood Gas with Off Grid Pro

002: Batteries for homesteads and mobile power with Iron Edison

003: Fruit Trees for Year Round Fruit and Small Spaces with Ben Kotnik

004: Permaculture Voices Podcast 004: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 1

005: Paul Wheaton Keynote from the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence

006: How to Be a Small Farmer, Practical Advice from an Experienced Young Farmer.  f. Permaculture Voices speaker Adam Klauss

007: Can anyone be an entrepreneur? f. Permaculture Voices speaker Sarah Aubrey

008: Marine to Grass Farmer: The Primal Pastures Story f. Permaculture Voices Speaker Paul Greive

009: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 2

010: Heritage Breed Livestock & Farming Later in Life with Cathy Payne of Broad River Pastures

011: Growing Mushrooms, Building Soil, and Making $100,000 per Acre

012: Build Soil, Healing the Land, and Raising High Quality Food with Rotational Grazing

013: Darren Doherty on Regrarianism and Why Regenerative is Better than Sustainable

014: Raising Pastured Hogs & Why More People Aren’t Doing It f. John Backes of Circle B Ranch

015: Joel Salatin Talks to the Next Generation of Farmers

016: Darren Doherty Talks Keyline Design and the Importance of Building Soil

017: Construction Estimator to Hog Farmer, The Story of a First Time Farmer f. Rebecca Krossnoski

018: Using Permaculture Earthworks to Capture Rainwater Runoff and Prevent Erosion

019: Joel Salatin Being Proactive and Controlling Your Own Sphere of Influence to Change the World

020: Urban Lumber, Creating Value and Saving Wood from the Fireplace f. David Barmon

021: The Permaculture Orchard f. Stefan Sebkowiak

022: Thistles, The Dehesa System, a PDC, and more on Darren Doherty

023: Michael Pollan talks GMOs, Industrial Agriculture, and the Impact of Cooking your Own Food

024: Permaculture Patterns and Goals with Owen Hablutzel

025: The Myth of the Perfect Job with John Kitsteiner

026: SPIN Farming with Curtis Stone

027: Permaculture Design and Cold Climates with Ben Falk

028: Industrial Farmer to Beyond Organic Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures

029: Darren Doherty Introduces the Regrarian Platform [A workshop recording, Part 1]

030: Paul Wheaton Discusses Intentional Community – Central Leader vs. Concensus

031: Geoff Lawton Talks Permaculture – The Past, The Future, and The Land

032: How to fail better. The quest for origination, not emulation.

033: Building Soil and Closing the Loop on Waste using Chickens….plus eggs!

034: Permaculture 2.0, Designing a Profitable Broadacre Perennial Farm with Grant Schultz

035: Ditching the Status Quo, Using Your Life Energy to Make a Better World: Permaculture Business

036: Putting the Dehesa back into SoCal, A $1M Restoration Agriculture Start-Up

037: Arrive a Solution, Don’t Impose a Solution. Permaculture and Life with Toby Hemenway

038: Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Closing the Loop on Waste and Creating Energy in the Process

039: The Future of Agriculture – Changing the Concept with Mark Shepard


The b Reels:

b001 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 1-3

b002 – Overstory Trees with Joey Delia

b003 – Pastured Hogs Webinar with Rebecca Krassnoski

b004 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 4-6

b005 – USDA Microloans and more. What they have to offer beginning and established farmers.

b006 – The Holistic Goal. The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 2

b007 – Permaculture Plants – A chat with Dave Whitinger of All Things Plants

b008 – Designing the Farm and Tree Systems, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 3

b009 – Getting the Mineral and Water Cycle Back In Order, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 4



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