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Formally The Permaculture Voices Podcast

Honest, hard conversations about farming, business, and life with those trying to make a living doing something that they love and dealing with life in the process.

You’ll hear from experts who are far down their respective paths and people just like you who are starting out and making a go of it and learning as they go.

I’ll dive deep into each story, looking at the why and the how, leaving you with practical tools, tips, and techniques that you can put into use right away to be part of the change by doing your work.

Remember… though you may not be able to change the world, you can change your world, so go for it..


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The Episode Archives:

DO THE WORK – The Daily Podcast

Grass Fed Life with Darby Simpson:

How to Increase Farm Sales by Taking Advantage of A Winter Farmers Market – Grass Fed Life – Episode 30

Competition versus Coopetition – Advice for Entering a Crowded Market – Competing With Friends and Allies not Enemies – Grass Fed Life – Episode 29

Getting Free Land by Building Pasture – More Grass Means More Animals – Part 2 – Grass Fed Life – Episode 28

Getting Free Land by Building Pasture – More Grass Means More Animals – Part 1 – Grass Fed Life – Episode 27

Old School and New School Farmers – When Paradigms and Views Don’t Align – Grass Fed Life – Episode 26

The Summer Grind – Dealing With and Setting Expectations for the Long Hours of Summer – Grass Fed Life – Episode 25

Starting a Farm and Staying Married – A Couple’s Farm Start-Up Experience – Grass Fed Life – Episode 24

It’s Your Dream, Not Mine – Farm Transition – The View from the Farmer’s Wife with Brandy Simpson – Grass Fed Life – Episode 23

8 Reasons Why You Might NOT Want to Start a Pastured Poultry Enterprise – Grass Fed Life – Episode 22

Growing Sales in Order to Start Farming Full-time – A Case Study with Ben Grimes of Dawnbreaker Farms – Grass Fed Life – Episode 21

Grass Fed Cattle Basics – Why You Should and How Can Get Started with Cattle Using Stockers – Grass Fed Life – Episode 20

Grass Fed Cattle Basics – An Introduction to Raising Cattle on Grass – Grass Fed Life – Episode 19

Farm Transition – Being a Great Employee, so You Can Be a Great Business Owner – Grass Fed Life – Episode 18

Transitioning Chicks from the Brooder to Pasture – What to Do and When to Do It – Grass Fed Life – Episode 17

The Ins and Outs of Brooder Management – New Chicks Arrive on the Farm, Now What? – Grass Fed Life – Episode 16

Raising your first batch of chicks? What should you focus on? Hint… it’s not the money – Grass Fed Life – Episode 15

Declaring Independence in Your Own Life, From What Society Tells You It Has to Be – Grass Fed Life – Episode 14

Farmers Markets, Farm Tours, On Farm Sales – Are they worth it? – The Steps and the Process – Grass Fed Life – Episode 13

A Close Up Look at Poultry Processing Day – The Steps and the Process – Grass Fed Life – Episode 12

How to Tell You Story Clearly and Effectively at Farmers Markets – Grass Fed Life – Episode 11

How to Raise Pigs Regeneratively in the Woods – Part 3 – Selling Pork and Balancing Demand – Grass Fed Life – Episode 10

How to Raise Pigs Regeneratively in the Woods – Part 2 – Infrastructure and Equipment – Grass Fed Life – Episode 9

How to Raise Pigs Regeneratively in the Woods – Part 1 – The Basic Methodology – Grass Fed Life – Episode 8

Sell What the Customer Wants and Will Pay For – Balancing Tomorrow’s Ideology with Staying in Business Today – Grass Fed Life – Episode 7

When Farming Sucks – A Realistic Look at The REALLY Hard Times as a Farmer – Grass Fed Life – Episode 6

Time is Money – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Things to Consider for Farm Scale Poultry Processing – Grass Fed Life – Episode 5

Forced to leave a farmers market due to low sales – What’s Next? – Grass Fed Life – Episode 4

Advice on Choosing Hatcheries, Chicken Tractors, and How Darby Starts His 500 Broilers on Pasture – Grass Fed Life – Episode 3

A New Farm Season Begins – Making Improvements and Planning Ahead – Grass Fed Life – Episode 2

Raising Cows, Pigs and Chickens Profitably on Pasture – Grass Fed Life – Episode 1

The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone – Season 2:

Going For It and Failing Above Other Peoples’ Heads – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 30

Making More Money With Less Land – Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm – Part 3 – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 29

Making More Money With Less Land – Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm – Part 2 – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 28

Making More Money With Less Land – Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm – Part 1 – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 27

Growing to Get Better – Not Just Bigger – Changes Coming to Green City Acres – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 26

Hustle – The Biggest and Most Powerful Tool on The Farm, And It’s Free – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 25

Small Scale Farming on the Cheap – What’s the least you could spend to start a farm? – Part 3 – The Tools – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 24

Small Scale Farming on the Cheap – What’s the least you could spend to start a farm? – Part 2 – The Tools – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 23

Small Scale Farming on the Cheap – What’s the least you could spend to start a farm? – Part 1 – The Base Principles – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 22

Adapt or Die – The Importance of Being Flexible with Ideas and Expectations – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 21

How to Keep Weeds from Overtaking Your Farm, and How to Manage Them If They Do – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 20

Real World Challenges and Concerns about Starting Up a Farm on Half an Acre – How to Make it Happen and What to Think About – A Case Study – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 19

Selling to Restaurants is Great! Maybe, Maybe Not. A look at the Pros and Cons of Selling to Restaurants – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 18

All Customers ARE NOT worth Selling To, An In-Depth Look at High Maintenance versus Low Maintenance Customers – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 17

It’s REALLY Hot Out – Dealing with Summer Heat on the Farm For the Farmer and the Crops – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 16

Sit Back and Count the Money – Observations and Advice from a Farmer’s Market – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 15

Your Journey to You – Following The Dream and Following Opportunity Too – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 14

How to Sell More (by specializing in something) – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 13

17 Things You Need (or Don’t Need) When You Start Farming – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 12

Killing Busy So You Can Live – A Productivity Episode – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 11

Farming For More Than Dollars – A Look at The Multiple Forms of Income from Farming – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 10

How to Sell More Vegetables – Options Beyond The Farmers Market, Restaurants, and CSA – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 9

Expanding the Farm with Social Capital – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 8

Tomato Mania – How to Get More Total Crop Production by Inter-planting Tomatoes with Other Crops – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 7

Early Seasons Greens Production – Tracking and Managing One of Curtis’s Biggest Crops – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 6

Creating The Minimum Viable Farm – $20,000 on a 2000 Square Foot Micro-Farm – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 5

If you don’t succeed it’s your own fault; Stop blaming people and get to work. – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 4

How To To Start Lettuce in Micro Soil Blocks and Why to Do It That Way – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 3

Scaling Up The Market Garden – A Visit to the Farm of the Future – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 2

Taking Advantage of Time with the Passive Techniques of Over-Wintered Crops and Stale Seed-bedding – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 1

The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone – Season 1:

“I am now on the path to starting my own farm!” – TUF Listeners Share Their Stories – The Urban Farmer – Encore Episode 5

Farming in the City – The Presentation – The Urban Farmer – Encore Episode 4

What Nobody Told Me About Small Farming: I Can’t Make a Living – DISSECTED – A Case Study – The Urban Farmer – Encore Episode 3

Six Months of Transition Into Farming – A Conversation with New Farmer Scott Hebert – The Urban Farmer – Encore Episode 2

Profitable Small Scale Farming in Sebastopol – A Visit to Singing Frogs Farm with Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser – The Urban Farmer – Encore Episode 1

End of Season Reflection – Thinking about How Things Went This Year, to Alter Course and Plan for Next Year – The Urban Farmer – Week 40

The Urban Farmer Season Wrap Up and Looking Ahead – Thanks for Listening – The Urban Farmer – Week 39

It’s Not All About the Money – Keeping What Works and Getting Rid of What Doesn’t – The Urban Farmer – Week 38

17,500lbs of Vegetables Produced on One Third of An Acre – A Closer Look at What Was Produced on the Farm this Year – The Urban Farmer – Week 37

Losing Thousands When Restaurants Don’t Pay. Real World Issues and Troubles with Restaurant Customers – The Urban Farmer – Week 36

Your Business Model Sucks, or You’re Not Very Good at It… (and what to do about it) – The Urban Farmer – Week 35

Ask The Urban Farmer – Curtis Answers Questions – From Startup to Restaurant Sales to Record Keeping – The Urban Farmer – Week 34

Improving Processes to Be More Time, Energy, and Labor Efficient AND more Profitable – The Urban Farmer – Week 33

Post Harvest Crop Processing and Small Farm Equipment That You Wouldn’t Think Of – The Urban Farmer – Week 32

Being Realistic with Your First Year Expectations – Work to Learn, Not to Earn – The Urban Farmer – Week 31

When to Expand the Farm By Adding More Land and When NOT TO Expand By Maximizing What You Have – The Urban Farmer – Week 30

How To Increase Profits and Get More Done… by Doing Less Work – The Urban Farmer – Week 29

The Importance of Record Keeping: You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been. – The Urban Farmer – Week 28

What You Are Doing May Not Work… Do It Anyway – The Urban Farmer – Week 27

More Common Reasons Why Many Farmers Struggle, and Practical Advice On How You Can Avoid Those Struggles – The Urban Farmer – Week 26

Tips for Dealing with Hot Weather and Planning Your Crop Production for the Cooler Days of Fall – The Urban Farmer – Week 25

Solving the Sales Problem – Optimizing Your Fresh Sheet to Increase Sales – The Urban Farmer – Week 24

Successful Farmers Think – The Importance of Information, Mentors, and Adaptation – The Urban Farmer – Week 23

Tips on Selling Into New Markets and Sourcing Products from Other Farmers – The Urban Farmer – Week 22

Transitioning Into Farming from the Corporate World – A Conversation with New Farmer Rob Kaiser – The Urban Farmer – Week 21

Taking a Smart Approach to Farming. Having the Right Mindset to Save Yourself Time, Money, and Mental Trauma – The Urban Farmer – Week 20

Hacking the Farmers Market. Tips and Tactics for Selling Your Farm Products Through Farmer’s Markets and CSAs – The Urban Farmer – Week 19

Creating On Farm Systems to Increase Your Efficiency and Chances for Success – The Urban Farmer – Week 18

Streamlining Tasks and Being More Efficient. Tips for Maximizing Effort and Time on the Farm – The Urban Farmer – Week 17

Different Farms, Different Markets, Different Models – Differences Between Farming Two Acres and a Quarter Acre – The Urban Farmer – Week 16

Tips for Finding Land to Farm in the City – What Works and What Doesn’t – The Urban Farmer – Week 15

5 Common Reasons Why Many Small Farmers Fail and How You Can Avoid These Pitfalls – The Urban Farmer – Week 14

Harvesting Products, Delivery to Restaurants, and Crop Planning – The Urban Farmer – Week 13

Greens. A Powerful Economic Driver of the Urban Farm that Keeps on Giving and Giving – The Urban Farmer – Week 12

High Production Tomato Growing – How to Grow a lot of Tomatoes in a Small Space – The Urban Farmer – Week 11

How much money can you make as an urban farmer? And other questions answered. The Urban Farmer – Week 10

Urban Farm Land – Gaining Access to Land and How To Convert the Land from Lawn to Mini Farm – The Urban Farmer – Week 9

Hacking the Seed, A Not So Obvious Look at Direct Seeding Crops – The Urban Farmer – Week 8

There’s A Party In The Greenhouse?!?!? – The Urban Farmer – Week 7

Transplanting and Interplanting. Getting the Most Out of Limited Space – The Urban Farmer – Week 6

Protecting and Manipulating Crop Growth Using Poly Low Tunnels and Setting Up Farm Irrigation – The Urban Farmer – Week 5

Pricing Products & Bringing On a New Employee – The Urban Farmer – Week 4

Going No-Till – The Urban Farmer – Week 3

The Setup Phase – The Urban Farmer – Week 2

It’s Winter, Know the Farm Numbers – The Urban Farmer – Week 1

Voices of Change – The Episodes:

137: Pasture Cropping with Colin Seis

136: The 8 Forms of Capital – Through Regenerative Cacao presented by Gregory Landua

135: Growing Effectively – Thoughts on Starting and Managing Businesses around Family and Life with Erik Ohlsen of Foresite Mapping

134: Crushing It and Failing – The Tale of Two Pastured Poultry Businesses Run by the Same Farmer with John McAuley of Healthy Hen Farms

133: Market Gardening in An Extreme Climate – Techniques for Growing with Cold Summers, Poor Soil and High Winds with Brian Kowalski of Newfoundland

132: The Rise of the Mushroom – A Look at the Future of the “Artificial” Intelligence of Fungi – Exploring Fungi’s Roles in Pollution Remediation, Medicine, and Soils with Peter McCoy

131: Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward presented by Jack Spirko

130: Activist to Entrepreneur with Permaculture Magazine North America Co-Founder Hannah Eckberg

129: Real World Farm Start-Up: Making it Happen by Doing What You Have to Do, Whether You Want to Do It or Not with Seth Stallings

128: Growing Mushrooms in the Garden and Growing Mushrooms as a Business – Mycelial Mayhem with Dave Sewak

127: Growing 10000 Trees On Acre – Expanding A Small Scale Nursery Business, an Update with Akiva Silver

126: The Bumpy Road Towards a Modern Agricultural Future: When What Could Be and What Is Collide in Reality with Chris Kerston

125: Liberation Permaculture by Toby Hemenway

124: How to Position Your Pastured Poultry as a Premium Product, and the Economics and Challenges of Doing It with Paul Greive of Primal Pastures

123: Permaculture: Change the Name or Change the Reputation? Answering critical questions around permaculture with Andrew Millison

122: The Unlikely Path To Success: From Hockey Player to Personal Care Product Entrepreneur with Philippe Choiniere

121: Paul Stamets Presents: BioDiversity is BioSecurity – Strengthening Foodwebs using Mycological Solutions

120: Going from 30 Customers to Over 6000 – Sheri Salatin on Starting, Running and Growing Polyface Farm’s Buying Club

119: Soil Life Exploding at Judy Farms – Using High Density Mob Grazing and Earth Worms to Build Soil by Greg Judy

118: From No Experience to Full Time Farmer – A Look Back, and Forward, at a Farming Career with John Suscovich – Part 2 of 2

117: From No Experience to Full Time Farmer – A Look Back, and Forward, at a Farming Career with John Suscovich – Part 1 of 2

116: Greening Saudi Arabia – Seeing Progress, Plant Species, Lessons Learned, and No Regrets, an Update with Neal Spackman

115: Designing with Context – 25 Years of Design Mistakes, Evolution, and Innovation with The Best Land Designer in The World, Darren Doherty

114: 10 Essentials For Profitable Urban Farming Presented by Curtis Stone

113: A Beginner’s Guide to Going from Getting “STUFF” Done to Getting “THE RIGHT STUFF” Done with Javan Kerby Bernakevitch

112: $200,000 Dollars in Sales from 320 Square Feet. Learn the tips and tricks grower Chris Throreau is using to crush it in the microgreens business.

111: You Can Change Your Own Life, If You Want To – Going from Alcoholism to Permaculture.

110: The Business of Gasification. The Challenges and Successes of Transitioning a Hobby into a Viable Business with Troy Martz.

109: Building Dams, Ponds, and Rehydrating the Landscape – The Water Retention Landscape with Zach Weiss.

108: Build A Sustainable & Profitable Education Business – Rancho Mastatal, A Model For Success with Scott Gallant.

107: Taking your concept to reality. Is the concept really worth the time, energy and money involved?

106: Permaculture Contracting. Ecologically Regenerative – Socially Just – Economically Viable. Presented by Erik Ohlsen.

105: Goats as Restorative Catalysts. Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration, Not Degeneration.

104: 7 Steps to Start Your Profitable Permaculture Based Business presented at PV2 by Luke Callahan.

103: The Great Work of Our Time presented at PV2 by John D Liu.

102: Critiquing Permaculture – A Deeper Look Into Permaculture – Part 2.

101: What Permaculture Isn’t, And Is – A Deeper Look Into Permaculture – Part 1.

100: Liberation Permaculture with Toby Hemenway.

099: Permaculture Plants: A Business and A Hobby with Taylor Walker.

098: Farmscale and Broadacre Permaculture Design Experiences with Neil Bertrando.

097: Growing Apples in Warm Climates.

096: Building Soil Health by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

095: Living Life Like a 5 Year Old. Coming Alive and Changing the World by Learning and Living with Curiosity and Intention. A Conversation with Matthew Abrams.

094: Forest Farming with Steve Gabriel. Growing Crops Within the Canopy of an Existing Forest.

093: Simple Ideas and Strategies for Breaking Ground into a New Career in Permaculture with John Pugliano.

092: Printing Permaculture: The Vision and Story of Creating a Massive Permaculture Media Business. A 22 Year Active Case Study with Maddy Harland.

091: Farming. It’s Damn Hard. The Real Life Journey of Starting a Permaculture Farm with No Money. An interview with Mark Shepard.

090: Social Permaculture. Creating a Diversity of Functional Connections Between People and Their Skills.

089: Stacking Fiefdoms with Joel Salatin. Creating Multiple Complementary Businesses Under the Umbrella of an Exisiting Business.

088: Designing Simple and Effective Passive Solar Greenhouses with Rob Avis.

087: Making $2000 A Week Growing Microgreens with Luke Callahan.

086: Raising American Guinea Hogs, The Homestead Pig with Cathy Payne.

085: Quitting A Job I Love for A Life That I Love. The Unromantic Journey Into Farm Life with Chad Stamps.

084: The Veglio Project. Restoring the Land. Awakening the Soul.

083: Profitable Urban Farming. A realistic view with farmer Curtis Stone. Working your ass off and making $50,000 on a quarter acre.

082: Hugelkultur. What it is. When is it appropriate. And when isn’t it. With Javan Bernakevitch.

081: Permaculture. The Future of Business and Beyond. An Interview Compilation

080: Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy

079: Hazelnuts. A Viable Broadacre Crop for the Midwest? Almost. with Phil Rutter

078: 100 Degrees and 3 Inches of Rain. Greening Saudi Arabia with Neal Spackman.

077: Changing the World by Changing Our Approach – An Interview Compilation

076: What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Building a life and a business around permaculture with Fraser Bliss

075: Geoff Lawton presents The Permaculture Designers’ Manual.

074: What’s a PDC? Part 2 of 2.

073: What’s a PDC? Part 1 of 2.

072: Farming Well. Cultivating a Community and Growing Businesses with Nigel Walker of Eatwell Farm.

071: Natural Swimming Pools with David Pagan Butler.

070: Do Your Impossible.

069: Unschooling Agriculture. Taking Steps Towards the Permaculture Farm with Grant Schultz.

068: Permaculture and the Forgotten. Teaching Permaculture in Places That Absolutely Need It. A Message of Hope with Rosemary Morrow.

067: Lawncare to Earthcare. Building Businesses, Embracing Failures, and Transitioning to a Career in Permaculture.

066: Urban Permaculture Design with Larry Santoyo. Creating Systems Where the Byproducts are More Sustainable Cities.

065: Re-Thinking Farm Products. Creating a Brand that Needs Ingredients from the Farm with Philippe Choiniere

064: Bringing More Permaculture to the Farm, Real World Constraints with David Sachs

063: 1000′s of Trees and Half an Acre. Small Scale Nursery Business with Akiva Silver

062: 75 Chicks to 10000. No Experience to Full Time Farmer. The Ronan Byrne Story

061: Designing & Building the Future…Literally. Open Source Ecology with Marcin Jakubowski

060: Building a Profitable Permaculture Business with Jack Spirko

059: Striking a Balance. Two People, and One, Two, or Many Dreams. Permaculture Beyond the Land, Building and Cultivating Resilient Relationships

058: Woody Agriculture. Breeding Trees, Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter. Part 2 of 2

057: Woody Agriculture. Breeding Trees, Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter. Part 1 of 2

056: An Idea Worth Sharing. Inside The Permaculture Orchard.

055: Rhodesia to Long Beach. 50 Years of Struggle, Persistence, and Success with Allan Savory.

054: PermaEthos. Changing the Agriculture System, A New Permaculture Farm Model with Jack Spirko

053: Plants and the Evolution of Permaculture with Byron Joel

052: Fermenting Success. A Passion for Family, Friends and Mead. The Frank Golbeck Story

051: Grow Better, Not Bigger. The Market Gardener – Producing $140,000 on 1.5 acres.

050: What Really Matters? Staying on track through your permaculture journey with your goal in mind.

049: Just Start. A Year of Podcasts. My Top 10 Most Impactful Episodes.

048: Planning for Success. Creating a Business Plan with Bill Bean.

047: Permaculture Homesteading – Enjoying Life Being a Realist, Not an Idealist with Cliff Davis.

046: Water – Simple, Yet Complex with Watershed Artisan Craig Sponholtz.

045: Profitable Methods Used to Heal the Land With Mob Grazing with Greg Judy.

044: How Can I Make it Happen. Stop Aspiring, Start Doing.

043: Starting a farm and living the happy farm life. A conversation with farmer Shannon Jones.

042: Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan.

041: Navigating the Fear of Leaving One Job and Starting Fresh. Hint: It probably won’t be as bad as you initially think.

040: Designing Systems That Will Work Before AND After SHTF – Passive Systems vs. Brittle Complicated Systems f. Ben Falk & Grant Schultz

039: The Future of Agriculture – Changing the Concept with Mark Shepard

038: Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Closing the Loop on Waste and Creating Energy in the Process

037: Arrive a Solution, Don’t Impose a Solution. Permaculture and Life with Toby Hemenway

036: Putting the Dehesa back into SoCal, A $1M Restoration Agriculture Start-Up

035: Ditching the Status Quo, Using Your Life Energy to Make a Better World: Permaculture Business

034: Permaculture 2.0, Designing a Profitable Broadacre Perennial Farm with Grant Schultz

033: Building Soil and Closing the Loop on Waste using Chickens….plus eggs!

032: How to Figure Out What You Want to Do In Life – Fail Better, Fail Forward, and Find Your Niche with Javan Bernakevitch

031: Geoff Lawton Talks Permaculture – The Past, The Future, and The Land

030: Paul Wheaton Discusses Intentional Community – Central Leader vs. Concensus

029: Darren Doherty Introduces the Regrarian Platform [A workshop recording, Part 1]

028: Industrial Farmer to Beyond Organic Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures

027: Permaculture Design and Cold Climates with Ben Falk

026: SPIN Farming with Curtis Stone

025: The Myth of the Perfect Job with John Kitsteiner

024: Permaculture Patterns and Goals with Owen Hablutzel

023: Michael Pollan talks GMOs, Industrial Agriculture, and the Impact of Cooking your Own Food

022: Thistles, The Dehesa System, a PDC, and more on Darren Doherty

021: The Permaculture Orchard f. Stefan Sebkowiak

020: Urban Lumber, Creating Value and Saving Wood from the Fireplace f. David Barmon

019: Joel Salatin Being Proactive and Controlling Your Own Sphere of Influence to Change the World

018: Using Permaculture Earthworks to Capture Rainwater Runoff and Prevent Erosion

017: Construction Estimator to Hog Farmer, The Story of a First Time Farmer f. Rebecca Krossnoski

016: Darren Doherty Talks Keyline Design and the Importance of Building Soil

015: Joel Salatin Talks to the Next Generation of Farmers

014: Raising Pastured Hogs & Why More People Aren’t Doing It f. John Backes of Circle B Ranch

013: Darren Doherty on Regrarianism and Why Regenerative is Better than Sustainable

012: Build Soil, Healing the Land, and Raising High Quality Food with Rotational Grazing

011: Growing Mushrooms, Building Soil, and Making $100,000 per Acre

010: Raising Heritage Breed Livestock and Venturing into Farming with Cathy Payne

009: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 2

008: The Story of a Beginning Farmer, Raising Pastured Lamb and Poultry in Southern California featuring Paul Greive

007: Can anyone be an entrepreneur? f. Permaculture Voices speaker Sarah Aubrey

006: How to Be a Small Farmer, Practical Advice from an Experienced Young Farmer. f. Permaculture Voices speaker Adam Klaus

005: Paul Wheaton Keynote from the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence

004: Build a Backyard Food Forest Today, Part 1

003: Fruit Trees for Year Round Fruit and Small Spaces with Ben Kotnik

002: Batteries for homesteads and mobile power with Iron Edison

001: Alternative Energy with Gasification and Wood Gas with Off Grid Pro

The b Reels:

b039 – Grazing the Savanna: Lessons from New Forest and Mastodon Valley Farms presented by Peter Allen at PV2

b038 – Savanna Gardens: Regenerating the Ultimate Human Ecosystem presented by Peter Allen at PV2

b036 – Perennial Plants for Profit – Presented by Taylor Walker at PV3

b035 – Farm Planning and Land Design via the Regrarians Platform with Darren Doherty – Part 4 – Soils, Marketing, Energy

b034 – Farm Planning and Land Design via the Regrarians Platform with Darren Doherty – Part 3 – Buildings, Fences

b033 – Farm Planning and Land Design via the Regrarians Platform with Darren Doherty – Part 2 – Water, Access, Forestry

b032 – Farm Planning and Land Design via the Regrarians Platform with Darren Doherty – Part 1 – Climate and Geography

b031 – Plant Propagation for Profit – Presented by Jack Spirko

b030 – Using Social Media to Generate Farm Revenue – Presented by Paul Greive

b029 – Making a Good Living with Profitable Market Gardening on 1.5 Acres – Presented by Jean-Martin Fortier

b028 – A Beginners Guide to Multi-Species Grazing on Leased Land – Presented by Greg Judy

b027 – Starting a Permaculture Farm from Scratch – Lessons Learned from Real World Experiences – Presented by Grant Schultz and Peter Allen

b026 – Tools and Technology for the Permaculture Homestead – Presented by Grant Schultz

b025 – Fruits, Nuts & Livestock – Creating a Permaculture Silvopasture – Presented by Grant Schultz

b024 – Permaculture for Humanity – Beyond Buildings and Food – Presented by Larry Santoyo

b023 – Ecological Adaptation Strategy – Harnessing the Power of Plants for Changing Times – Presented by Joseph Simcox

b022 – Eating Before the ‘Invaders’, the American Native Peoples and Their Food Systems Before the Arrival of the Europeans – Presented by Joseph Simcox

b021 – Homestead and Farm Resiliency and Regeneration – 10 Years In A Cold Climate, Principles in Practice – Presented by Ben Falk

b020 – Taking your concept to reality. Is the concept really worth the time, energy and money involved? The Webinar.

b019 – The Farmscale Permaculture Series – Tree Crops: Tree Propagation by Grant Schultz

b018 – Stalled, Stagnated, and Stuck. How to Start Living The Permaculture Life That You Dream Of with Javan Bernakevitch

b017 – Restoring Tall Grass Prairie and Tree Crops with Ben Tyler

b016 – 3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business – Presented by Rob Avis

b015 – From Lawn to Productive & Profitable Mini-Farm – Presented by Curtis Stone

b014 – Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 2

b013 – Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 1

b012 – Holistic Grazing Plans, Energy and Marketing – The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 6

b011 – Darren’s Farm and Broadacre – The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 5

b010 – PV1 Behind the Scenes, A Recap of PV1 with Diego and Tall Paul

b009 – Getting the Mineral and Water Cycle Back In Order, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 4

b008 – Designing the Farm and Tree Systems, The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 3

b007 – Permaculture Plants – A chat with Dave Whitinger of All Things Plants

b006 – The Holistic Goal. The Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren Doherty, Part 2

b005 – USDA Microloans and more. What they have to offer beginning and established farmers.

b004 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 4-6

b003 – Pastured Hogs Webinar with Rebecca Krassnoski

b002 – Overstory Trees with Joey Delia

b001 – Restoration Agriculture, A Book Review: Chapters 1-3

The Founder’s Story:

Transitioning from a Full Time Career as an Engineer to Making a Living as a Full Time Farmer – The Founder’s Story with Darby Simpson

Building a Thriving Microgreens Business from Scratch, The Founder’s Story with Chris Thoreau

Learning, Putting in the Time, and Hustling to Become a Permaculture Designer, The Founder’s Story with Zach Weiss

You Can’t Always Be a Visionary, Building the Next Generation of Permaculture Businesses, The Founder’s Story with Erin Axelrod

The Adventure of Going into Farming – Blending the Romanticism of Farming with What It Takes to Be Successful (Hint… It’s A Lot of Hard Work), The Founder’s Story with Jean-Martin Fortier

Designing Projects, Systems and Businesses for the Long Term, The Founder’s Story with Christian Shearer

Starting A Small Scale Seed Business – An Additional Business Unit for A Small Scale Farm, The Founder’s Story with Daniel Brisebois

The Importance of Story Telling (i.e. Marketing) – Who are you, what are you about, what makes your product unique and special, The Founder’s Story with Hilary Bromberg

Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs (and Everyone Else), The Founder’s Story with Mary Beth Storjohann

Business with a Holistic Approach – What Do You Want, and How Do You Design a Path to Get There, The Founder’s Story with Mary Johnson

Building Businesses, Marketing, and Dealing with Failure, The Founder’s Story with Jack Spirko

Designing the Pathway to Regeneration, and Why We can’t Do That, The Founder’s Story with Gregory Landau

Going from Near Bankrupt to Debt Free, Grazing Cattle on Leased Land, The Founder’s Story with Greg Judy

Regenerative Businesses and Landscape – It’s a Process, One That’s Always Trying to Improve, The Founder’s Story with Ethan Soloviev

The Power of Perseverance and Taking Risks, The Founder’s Story with Erik Ohlsen

Story Marketing – The Importance of Telling Your Brand’s Story, but Not Just Any Story Told by Anyone, The Founder’s Story with Marty McDonald

The Untold Story of You

When the world changes around you, what do you do? – The Untold Story of You

What’s it like to get punched in the face? – The Untold Story of You

Secret Sorrows, An Inside Look at the World of Depression and Suicide – The Untold Story of You

Shows with Javan Kerby Bernakevitch:

1: Why ‘Follow Your Bliss’ Might Be the Worst (or Best) Advice in the World with Javan Bernakevitch

2: Decisions are Destiny – An In-depth Look at the idea of the Holistic Context with Javan Bernakevitch

3: Arguing with Reality – And Making Yourself Miserable with Javan Bernakevitch

4: Change the Job or Change the Level of Dissatisfaction with Javan Bernakevitch

Creative Destruction

The Most Important 93% of Your Life That You Aren’t Thinking Enough About (CD11)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Two Fathers Talking Unschooling, Raising Kids, and Life with author Ben Hewitt (CD10)

Trading Time for Dollars, Supporting Your Permaculture Goals with a Career Outside of Permaculture with Rob Kippel (CD9)

Grow Wings and Fly (CD8)

The Long Road to Overnight Success (CD7)

Building A Million Dollar Permaculture Business – That’s Ecologically, Socially, and Financially Sustainable with Erik Ohlsen (CD6)

Time – One Resource That’s Continually Depleting… Don’t Waste It (CD5)

Fear – The One Thing that You Can Control, but The One Thing that Most People Let Control Them (CD4)

The Man Who Brought Together 20 Million People – A Lifetime as an Environmental Activist with Earth Day Organizer Denis Hayes (CD3)

Keys to Creating Success Metrics, Focusing Your Efforts, Quick Iterative Learning, and Marcin Jakubowski React (CD2)

Marcin Jakubowski on Crowdfunding, Managing Multiple Projects, and Persevering Against Extreme Odds (CD1)

ASK Voices with Farmer John Suscovich:

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ASK Voices with Homesteader Justin Rhodes:

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ASK Voices with Mycologist Peter McCoy:

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