Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Closing the Loop on Waste and Creating Energy in the Process. (PVP038)

“As for ‘waste disposal,’ we’ve got two mis-defined terms resulting in an abominable oxymoron. In nature there is no such thing as waste. All residues serve as resources for further growth — there is nothing to be disposed of. Nothing is thrown away. Indeed, there is no ‘away’. Everything must go somewhere. The misconception of waste disposal must be superseded by the concept of residue management.”Bob Hamburg

Bob Hamburg of Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems and Dragon Husbandry joins me to talk about anaerobic digestion and biogas. How we can use “waste” to close the loop and get beneficial by-products in the process. The anaerobic digesters can be integrated into permaculture and homestead systems by incorporating them within greenhouses and tying them into pond systems.




Bob's greenhouse and biodigester Draco 2.

Bob’s greenhouse and biodigester Draco 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider integrated systems. Locating the digester inside of a greenhouse to process waste, act as a thermal mass to regulate temperature, and provide nutrient rich effluent. The gas can be burned to heat the greenhouse and increase CO2 levels.
  • 1 cu.ft. of gas from a human’s waste daily.
  • Lamps require 4-5 cu.ft. per hour to burn. Burners require 5-15 cu.ft. per hour to burn.
  • 1 cu.ft. per day of gas per 1 cu.ft. of volume in the digester.
  • Ideal feed has a 20-30:1 C:N ratio. Manures are ideal. Minimal woody waste.






biogasBiogas Handbook on Amazon.

41tn0C53iQLThe Biogas Handbook on Amazon…

The Little Green Monster Biogas Digester


Biodigestor Sistema Biobolsa

Hestia Home Biogas

Biogas from Food Waste, India


Sistema Biobolsa

Image: Sistema Biobolsa

Image: Sistema Biobolsa

AgStar – Promoting the recovery and use of methane from animal manure.

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Omega – Alpha Recycling Systems

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