Bigger or Better – The Next Step for Market Gardening with farmer Jean-Martin Fortier (FSFS104)

When it comes to this world of farming small, what is this world?

Is it a bunch of small farms each operating independently?

For the most part, I think the answer is yes.

Given that, what’s the next step.

Is it more small farms operating independently or is those small farms growing to be larger small farmers.

Now I am not talking 1.5 acre farms scaling to 100 acres, I am talking about 1.5 acre farms scaling to 10 acres.

If small farms do that, what does that look like, both for this world of farming small and for each independently operated farm?

Is that scale manageable on a people powered biointensive level? Or does this style of farming not scale?

It’s a question being asked by one of the leader in this movement, JM Fortier.

A few years ago JM Fortier left his 1.5 acre farm behind to start working on an experimental 10 acre farm to test the idea and validity of scaling these types of farming methods.

It’s project which has produced some answers, but one which has also produced a lot of questions, some of which are the focus of our show today.

It’s all about the future of market gardening in this episode with farmer JM Fortier.


Connect with Jean-Martin Fortier:



The Market Gardener Audiobook:

The unabridged AUDIOBOOK version of The Market Gardener written by Jean-Martin Fortier.

The audiobook is narrated by Diego Footer

Total length – 7 hours and 03 minutes

Fully downloadable in mp3 format, with each chapter as an individual file.

Listen to a sample of the audiobook…



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  1. greenhouses example: $100K for infrastructure to gain 2mos spring sales, for 10 yr life, means $10K sales net of direct marginal costs. And not paying for the replacement of the asset. Is this realistic? what area of growing beds, what rev/sq ft?

    1. Post

      That’s an extreme example in terms of cost. You can get a quality high tunnel for a lot less than that which will pay for itself in a few seasons.

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