600 Birds and $6000 – The 1 Acre Pastured Poultry Operation – Grass Fed Life (GFL65)

Running a profitable pastured poultry enterprise on just 1 acre, is it possible, and if so, what is possible?

What’s that operation going to look like, what are the trade-offs and the costs?

It’s an operation which could bring some nice cash flow into a homestead or diversify a farms revenue streams, and the time inputs and profits will surprise you.

Because a lot is possible on just one acre.

Notes from this episode of Grass Fed Life

  • What this will allow you to do…
    • Start building a customer base.
      • Start interacting with customers.
      • Find out what customers want.
      • Find out what the customer base in your area is – who is the market.
    • Force you to start crafting your marketing and branding.
      • your sales pitch.
    • Get you to figure out if you even like doing this.
      • Are you a fair weather farmer.
      • Do you like growing, but hate keeping records and running a business.
      • Do you like selling your products.
    • Get you to start learning a crop.
      • Keeping track of data.
  • Worst case the end of the day you learned some stuff, you grew some stuff you could eat, and you learned a lot about yourself which is probably the most valuable.
  • With Darby’s size chicken tractor you would need 6000sq.ft. per batch of 100 chickens per season.
    • An acre would allow you to do 6 batches of 100.
    • Darby only hits the same piece of ground once per year.
  • One tractor at a time versus many at a time.
    • One tractor means more batches, but less infrastructure such as crates and tractors and cold storage.
    • One tractor means more trips to the processor.
  • You can assume a $10 per profit per bird to start.
    • Darby’s cost per bird is about $12.50 with a finish weight of 4.25-.50lbs.
  • Doing this on the side would take about an hour a day on average.

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